Like everyone else, I've started to make my new year's resolutions. It's that time of the year to start thinking about how you can improve. I wanted to write them all here so I can actually hold myself accountable.
First, of course, is stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. I need to lose weight, and it needs to happen now. I know it won't be overnight, I need to make my life healthier in general. So, I'm making some concrete plans:

1. Eat healthy 80% of the time. I think having a cheat meal or two a week works best for me.

2. Exercise 4 days a week. When I work out, I eat better.

3. Keep a food journal. This really helps me stay on track and to not go over my calories.

4. Fit bit. This is on my birthday list (since my other one was stolen!)

5. Reward myself along the way.

6. Be all around healthy. I need to incorporate healthy things in my life, including eating healthy and moving more. That means taking care of my skin.

For the past 27 years of my life I've been pretty low maintenance when it comes to my skin. I haven't had a lot of breakouts or problems with my skin. That is, until recently. I got to try out Dallas Collections skin care line a few weeks ago and it did wonders for my skin. I've always had oily and dry areas of my skin, and never have really used the right products on it. Dallas Collections skin care has solved both issues. You can check out the full video below of using the products, and the results that happened right before my eyes.

All of the products are natural, without chemicals. The top ingredients (like Aloe) are listed first. I've been using the products for a few weeks now and the results are mind blowing. My skin is so soft and my breakouts have stopped. I love good, wholesome products and all are made right here in Dallas!

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