I get a small rush when people ask me my advice. It makes me feel like I do have some sense in this world and maybe my degree in communications and the hours I spent getting certified in Google Analytics and SEO are well worth it.
I get questions pretty often, and usually I reply back via email and go on, but I thought it might be fun to bring the question and turn it into a blog post.
Last week, Ashlee asked me how she can collaborate with other bloggers.
First and foremost, that's an excellent idea. Working with bloggers not only helps to establish your community but you can make actual, lifelong friends! Not to mention, it can help your SEO ranking. I talked about this with writing a great guest post, you are establishing back links and increasing views to your blog.

Well great, but how do you go about collaborating?

First, look around at the bloggers you admire. How are they working with other bloggers? Reach out to them. Emailing them and saying you want to collaborate doesn't always do the trick. Interact with them. Read what they write. You can also check out their sponsor options.

When I first started blogging I was afraid to sponsor bloggers. I thought that I had to reach a certain point before I was allowed to do it. I was wrong. Sponsoring is a great way to get your name out there and get to know the blogger you are sponsoring.

I wouldn't know and read some of the bloggers I do today if they hadn't sponsored me first, and vice versa.

Also, take a look at the bloggers in your nitche. In addition to reading and interacting with them, pitch them an idea. Maybe you'd like to start a link-up, or you want to create an instagram challenge. Email them with your idea. They will already be familiar with you since you made sure to interact with them. Make sure to make it personal. This is especially true and you are a company and want to work with a blogger.

Share their stuff. You really want to make a blogger's day? Share their post. I am always honored when people share my post. It means that it impacted them in someway, and I want to get to know them. Also, I remember when I tweeted a post from a blogger I admired and she retweeted me. I was thrilled that she took the time to recognize me and the effort I put in.

Lastly, be a friend. Don't come at people as if you want something from them. The people I most often promote are because I consider them someone I like. This way, it's more organic.

How do you collaborate with bloggers?
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I decided to make this a series (though I'm not sure how often). So… ask away! These questions can be about anything: blogging, why my hair looks weird, why I have two dogs, Michael's middle name, whatever. And it's anonymous (unless you don't want to be.)

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