You know when you meet people and they are like, “Hey what do you like to do?” And you're like uhh live? Eat popcorn? Watch TV? Pet my dogs? Well today I'm telling you what I like to do with my time. If say, I had a whole day dedicated to what I want to do. All day.

My favorite TV show of all time is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Mainly because I like to think this is my friend group:

Timmy, I know you're mad that you're Frank, but Frank makes all the money. 

Charlie, Dee, Frank, Dennis, and Mac

Fun fact, Mac and Dee are married in real life. Also fun fact, we might as well be this group because we all fit the characters pretty well. So, it's not exactly art imitating life, but rather I really really really relate to this TV show. And sometimes the similarities are a little eerie. Case in point: they make fun of Dee for looking like a bird, and what do you know, that happens to by my nickname. It's because Michael says I do bird like things. And also look like a bird.

Anyway, on one of the episodes they have “Mac Day.” Each of the characters on the show gets to have their own day. The other members of the group have to do everything that person wants- without complaining. Mac wants to have people pretend he's basically a badass the whole day.

But it got me thinking, what would I do on my day? So here's how it would go down:

I would wake up and have everyone (meaning the people above) over to watch The Bachelor and eat Lucky Charms. No milk. I don't believe in sweet cereal with milk. Keep in mind they are not allowed to complain.
After that we will take a nap, all the best days have a nap involved. Plus, we will need strength for later on in the day.
We will then go to brunch and a really nice restaurant. And we will get pretty tipsy and make a scene. We will then go to Northpark Mall. An upscale mall in Dallas. There, they will all pretend that I am famous, asking for my autograph while I sport sunglasses and Michael acts as a body guard. We will do this until people start to notice and strangers ask for my autograph, which I will of course sign.

Hurry up with the pics, I'm kind of a big deal. 

We will then get dressed up. But before heading out to dinner we will get on chat roulette for an hour or so. If you've never been on it before I suggest you try it because it's awesome and hilarious. We'll then go to an expensive restaurant where we will ask the waiter for the finest wine, and he'll bring it out for us to taste first to make sure we like it.

Even though we're all gussied up, we will head to my favorite dive bar for some good old fashioned dancing and Boone's farm. But the night isn't over yet. We'll head to the Lizard Lounge for some great rave music and we will party and dance until it closes at 4 am. Then we will pile into an Uber and spend the night at a fancy hotel.

And that is what we do on Helene Day. What would you do on your day?

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