My friend Timmy, aka Frank, told me that Warren Buffet is offering one BILLION dollars for the perfect March Madness Bracket.
He drinks your milkshake. 

When I was told this I had to sit here and think: for what? No, I'm not kidding. It's no secret that I'm not a sports fanatic like some other people. So I looked into this, oh yeah, basketball, that game where they dribble up and down the court with a round ball. JK, I know a little bit more than that. It's just not where my passion lies. But I can become passionate if it means a billion with a B. Spoiler alert: you have a one in 9.2 quintillion chance of winning. (Yes, quintillion is a real number).

I'm just not a basketball person. I played almost every sport in middle school relatively well. Except for basketball. I was on the C team and I had these tennis shoes that would slide when I stopped. So I would always get called for traveling when I stopped with the ball because I slid down the court. I was pretty cool.

I'm getting off track. I clearly don't follow basketball, but what if I could make the perfect bracket?
Lord knows I can't make the perfect basketball bracket, but what about a bracket for something else?
Like life? Well, that's a little deep. But I thought I would make a music bracket, ya know, for when you're going out. Brace yourselves (get it?!)

What will be The Last Song Standing? 

If it's girls night then I'm going to want to feel confident and sexy and Beyonce's “Freakum Dress” is the epitome of this. Ke$ha is always a go to though and a close second.

The night is starting so I'm getting ready to get down. Hitting the dance floor with “Timber” is the perfect way to get the party started. After all, it is going down, I'm yelling Timber.

 This is my playlist so I have to end it with a dance song. If I'm in rage mode that means I'm dropping low, getting sweaty and generally making a scene. It's easy to do this with Fat Boy Slim (Calvin Harris Remix) “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.” That's the motto.

Maybe this bracket only sense in my head, but to me this is the best bracket in the history of ever.

What would you pick as the Last Song Standing?

Linking up with Sarah for Fan Friday, this is totally sports related.

Venus Trapped in Mars

And now, to introduce you to someone who's living the dream. Kate, from Diaries of An Essex Girl truly amazes me. She's traveling the world, she writes incredibly interesting pieces that all bloggers need to read, and she does it all in a beautiful way. She's a web designer, and it's clear when you look at her gorgeous blog. 

I am always intrigued how blogs start, and hers is especially interesting. She started out with a completely different blog name and direction, about her triumph with weight loss but that has changed and morphed into her true voice. Her recent post about the free fonts to use is so helpful (I downloaded them all) but I can not get enough of her posts about travel. She recently experienced reverse culture shock when she came back to her home in England, but I'm really jealous of her New Year's Eve in Berlin.

Basically, Kate has it all. Check out her blog, follow her on bloglovin, twitter and Facebook.

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