It's no secret that we tend to make things look beautiful online. We showcase the good stuff. We highlight the pretty things. I'm not complaining. I really don't want my instagram feed full of grainy pictures of half eaten food. Do you?

But the truth is, sometimes I focus on making sure things look perfect instead of enjoying myself. We were at a baseball game the other day with my family and Michael leans over and says: move on. I had taken about 18 pictures of my outstretched hand holding a cup of wine with the baseball field as the background. He was right. I needed to enjoy the moment.
Here's an example. 


For a full disclosure of what was really going on, you can read what happened on Facebook.

There are, however, times when I capture a good shot. Something I'm proud of, and I post it to instagram or my blog. Usually, those types of photos “do better,” meaning, they get more likes or page views. People know it's the real deal. The problem is, all of this lives online.

It's not enough to just leave the images on your phone. Or, in my case, when my phone gets too full I have to start rampantly deleting as I go. That's why I love the idea of Crafted Prints. You get to bring your photos to life in the form of high quality prints and magnets.

I decided I was going to take action with my prints. I had this magnetized Eiffel Tower board for the longest time, stuffed underneath the guest bed. I had some string and some clips and voila, this is what I created:

I tried to focus on my favorite things for my prints: dogs, friends (including Michael), and travel. This board is magnetized, I think the magnets look great up there too. The print quality is amazing and features a matte finish which is perfect for your instagram photos.

This is a great reminder for me to focus on living in the now. Yes, snap a picture. But don't stress over it. If it's not the perfect shot, get over it. Move on. Living in the moment is way more important than getting some likes on instagram.

To order your own photos and magnets, check out Crafted Prints.