Merry Christmas eve! I'm working…from home. I saw Nadine do her top posts of 2013 and I loved the idea, so I thought I'd share mine here. With a few thoughts as why they made it to the top based on pageviews:

1. This one might come as a shock, but “How to Get to Tomorrowland 2013” was the most popular post on my blog this year. I'm telling you people go crazy searching for this stuff on the internet. That's why I had to post about it again for the 2014 festival.

2. This one can all be chalked up to Pinterest. One of my first posts in 2013 was “the sock bun” and once something catches on with Pinterest you're sure to get a lot of hits.

3. I'm pretty proud of this one: The Bachelorette Drinking Game. Because really, that whole show was pretty bad this year, we needed something to get us through it.

4 & 5 Instagram in everything, that's why 4 and 5 have to do with the app. First, it's How to be Instgram famous, because people are literally looking that up online. And the other is If Mom Was on Instgram. Because really, she just shouldn't be.

6. Probably one of my favorite posts I've written because it's just so ridiculous: If I Was a Rapper. Maybe I should change careers?

7. This one made it to the front page of Buzzfeed, so that had to help: The Most Life Changing Songs About Friday. Because, you gotta get down on Friday.

8. This one was a little bit of controversy when I spoke about my alma mater and an article they publish in the school newspaper about how women can avoid rape. I still, 100% stand by what I wrote.

9. 8 things I will never blog about. And I still haven't, yet.

10. Sometimes I get sappy, as I did with this post- The Story of My Engagement Ring. I think it's a pretty cool story, it's 90+ years old after all.

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Merry Christmas!!

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