It's no lie that I have a LOT of hair.
Most of the time I'm a wash it and go kind of girl. 
But occasionally I put a teeny bit of effort into it.
The other day I instagrammed this pic:
And some peeps asked for a how-to. 
The thing about a sock bun is that it's so easy. And I especially like it on dirty hair. 
Just take a sock, I like ankle socks since I have long hair it makes for a little bit of a smaller bun.
So get a sock, a dirty one is fine. I mean…. JK.
this one has obviously seen better days.
And cut the top off. 
Then just roll it down from where you cut the top from, it now looks a little like a scrunchy, or a doughnut. Mmm I'm hungry. 
Now put your hair in high a pony tail and secure it with an elastic.
After all, the higher the hair the closer to God. 
I apologize for these weird pictures.
Put the sock and the end of your pony tail and tuck you hair around the ends. Try to do it around the sock but it's ok if you still see the sock. 

Roll the sock down along with your hair using your thumbs to push it up and your fingers to roll it down. 
if your can still see the sock as you get closer to the end move the hair around it so that it's uniform. Tuck loose strands as you go.
Once you are at the base of a the pony tail secure it with some bobby pins and get on with your bad self: you've just done a sock bun!
Now head on over to ballet class. 

If you are giving me the McKayla, not impressed face…

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