You might not know this if you haven't been reading this blog for very long, but I am obsessed with this music festival called Tomorrowland. Well, it's not little, it is 180,000 people spread over 3 days with 400 different music acts in the town of Boom, Belgium. Last year they sold 140,000 tickets, virtually immediately, while 2 million people were left without a ticket. 

This guide is great but for even more info: For info for Tomorrowland 2014 click here.

So I thought I would talk about the festival, a little how to if you will.

If you have any interest in electronic dance music, or even if you don't, it's the best music festival out there.
People travel from all over the world to get there but there is a wrong and a right way to do it.
The festival is held in Boom, Belgium July 26-28th. 
Over 10 million people watched the Tomorrowland 2012 official after movie. And they only sell 180,000 tickets. 
Tickets go on sale February 17th for worldwide sale. 
First pre-register for tickets. 
You will need to have a few computer or laptops waiting in the queue, and whatever you do, DO NOT refresh the page. It will just put you at the back of the line. 
They sell out almost instantly so be patient. I almost cried waiting. But I am also a 6 year old.
Flight & Hotel
Make sure to book plane tickets well in advance. Hotels might be already booked up at this point. But a good place to stay are the surrounding cities: Brussels, Antwerp, Mechelen, etc.
Or you can camp out on the grounds of the fesitval at Dreamville.
If you have no intention on sleeping Dreamville might be the way to go.

Food and Drink
This is not posted anywhere but you can bring in a water bottle, just remove the cap. (Or stick it in your pocket). You can also go ahead and fill that water bottle with say, wine, and have a really good time.
The food served is authentic Belgian food. Such as fries served with mayonnaise.
It's actually not that expensive, and you will need your energy for all the dancing you'll be doing.

The Stages
There are 16 stages at Tomorrowland. Some big, some small. The Mainstage will host acts like Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, and this year they added Tiesto!
The stages are elaborate. The main stage last year was at least 3 stories high and looke dlike books. The one in the middle opened up to be a screen!
The fire codes are different from the ones in America so the firework show is the best I've ever seen.

Leaving the Festival
The festival is very very well organized except for one aspect: leaving.
It's a mad house.
People are literally piled on top of each other trying to take a bus home.
Here's what to do: You will have to walk a little bit, but walk towards the highway. Then you can catch the cabs before they get bombarded with festival goers.

Travelling Beyond
After you spend 3 days partying you probably want to party some more. Or at least see the sights.
It's very easy to take a train and go to Italy, France, Amsterdam, Germany and beyond.
Trains are definitely the way to go. You can take a nap and get ready for the rest of your trip.

Having Fun at the Festival
Like I mentioned- bring something alcoholic to drink, you're already on you're way to have fun. Drinking excessively is necessary.
Wear bright clothing: you'll be able to find your friends more easily. And everyone will know you're here to party. Be crazy, everyone else is here. Dance your heart out- specifically waving your hands over your head. Gt on people's shoulders. Who cares- you're in Belgium at Electronic Dance music festival.

Cross your fingers for me that we get tickets!

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