I'm going to try and keep this recap as short and sweet as possible. But it's hard when your blog becomes a running diary of your life and you want to document every little funny/interesting thing. Whether others find it interesting or not. Well, if you're on the not side then I understand.
But here it goes.

I left Dallas for Brussels a little nervous since last year when I was heading to the Tomorrowland 2012 festival I almost got stuck at home. But luckily, it was very smooth sailing for Tomorrowland 2013! We stayed in a little town outside of the festival grounds called Mechelen, in Belgium. It was the perfect quiet town to stay in, away from the very loud music festival. I highly recommend staying in a hotel rather than camping at Dreamville and staying up all night in a tiny tent with no shower next door.

As soon as we arrived we dropped our bags and took a bus to the town of Boom, where the festival was held. We were greeted with very nice, warm weather and what appeared to be clear skies. My advice for those that want to go next year: have a ticket. I heard people paid between $1,000-$2,100 Euro just to get in to the festival from a scalper!
We grabbed our bracelets and danced into the festival grounds full of the largest portable Ferris Wheel in Europe, 15 stages, fire & water works, light shows, and tens of thousands of people all just excited to be there.

People wore clothing and brought flags representing over 200 countries (that's more than what's at the Olympics!). Maybe this sounds cliche, but the festival for me is a global coming together to celebrate music and have fun. A lot of fun.

On Friday we saw:
Sebastian Ingrosso
Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
Markus Schulz
Otto Knows
… and those are the ones I wrote down.

During Sebastian Ingrosso, we got to the very front of the deck on the left on the stage. I could see the clouds were rolling in. Then it was time for one of my faves: Tiesto. I was brimming with excitement since I have never seen him DJ before. That's when the rain started. I brought my rain coat. But it didn't seem to matter as it was soaked through.

To stop the rain they blasted weather cannons. I've never heard of this before to help rain and lightening to go away, maybe it's a Belgium thing? Luckily, the skies cleared, for the most part, and we danced the night away. It was the perfect first day.

Hope you aren't sick of this yet… I've only just begun.

If you have no idea what Tomorrowland is feel free to read this post and catch up!
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