Some of the most popular posts on my blog are my posts about music festivals. Especially my Tomorrowland ones. People that go to this music festival are from all over the world and scour the internet to find everything they need to know before making the trip.
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This post is appropriate since a huge announcement was made yesterday: They are breaking up the festival into two weekends to celebrate the festival's 10th birthday. The last weekend in July, July 25, 26, and 27 (they do this weekend every year) and the weekend before: July 18, 19, and 20th.

I haven't decided yet if this is a good or a bad thing, but it does mean double the amount of tickets are available, so more of us can go!

I get questions daily about the festival, from all over the world, so I thought I would combine them here. I am answering any of your questions about Tomorrowland and even if you don't care about the festival, it's fun to read why Tomorrowland is the greatest music festival in the world. (I guess that's my opinion, but it's pretty accurate and those that have experienced it will agree.)

How to Get to Tomorrowland 2014:

When is Tomorrowland 2014? Tomorrowland takes place every year the last weekend of July. This year there are two weekend July 25-27th and July 18-20th.

Where is Tomorrowland? Tomorrowland takes place in a recreation area called De Schorre in the town of Boom, Belgium, about twenty minutes outside of Brussels.

When do Tomorrowland tickets go on sale? They will make an announcement but usually they go on sale mid February. Last year it was February 9th.

How do I get tickets? First you need pre-register. This is very important to ensure you get tickets. Pre- registration goes live January 13th. The basic process is adding some of your contact information and email. When the tickets go on sale you will wait in an online ticketing queue, it's first come first serve. Just cross your fingers!

How can I make sure I get tickets to Tomorrowland? Unfortunately, you can't. It's a first come, fist serve basis and they sell out almost instantly. Pre-registration does not gurantee tickets. It's just luck of the draw. I really recommend not buying tickets from 3rd party sites or ebay. I met a girl last year that came all the way from Australia, paid almost $2,000 for a ticket and it was a scam. I have however heard some good things about Viagogo, but be prepared to pay triple the price and up.

Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is a Mystery ~ Tomorrowland 2012

*Tip- make sure you tell your credit/debit card company you are making an international purchase. You don't want to try and buy the tickets and then your purchase not go through!

How much are tickets to Tomorrowland? Tickets last year were 195 Euro (about 265 US Dollars).

Where do I stay at Tomorrowland? You can stay on the camp grounds in a tent in Dreamville- you can purchase Dreamville when you purchase your tickets for the festival. This gives you access close to the festival plus there are always fun things happening in Dreamville. If you buy a comfort pass, they will set up a tent for you! Or, you can stay in a nearby hotel in cities like Antwerp, Brussels and Mechelen. I have stayed in all three cities and it's great.

How do I get to Tomorrowland? First, you can do the “global journey” package which includes plane tickets to Brussels, Dreamville or a nearby hotel, access to three days of Tomorrowland, and if needed, transportation to the festival. We buy plane tickets in January- before tickets go on sale, in order to get a cheaper flight. Once in Belgium transportation is pretty easy. There are buses and trains that go directly to Boom. It's usually pretty cheap to take the bus and takes about 30 minutes to get to the town of Boom.

What is the food like at Tomorrowland? Very good. It's reasonable priced and you can even purchase beer for 2 euro. My favorite is the cherry beer which some say tastes like cough syrup, but I enjoy it. You can also bring in a water bottle (just remove the cap).

How much money do I need to go to Tomorrowland? It's not cheap. As I mentioned about almost $300 for the three day festival. Hotels range in price but expect to pay at least 50 Euro a night. Depending where you are coming from plane tickets can be $2,000. You also have to consider food and drink and if you want to travel before or after the festival. I would save up at least a few thousand dollars.

How do I purchase food? You use Tomorrowland “tickets” or “coins” and you can purchase them at the festival. I advise to bring cash since the ATMs don't work very well and the credit card lines are the longest.

When will the line up be announced? You can follow Tomorrowland on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on the line up. It's not announced all at once but we should know more January 13th. And I will be updating my blog of course!

Us at Tomorrowland 2013

Are there any other festivals like Tomorrowland? Yes, Tomorrowland is actually expanding and created TomorrowWorld. The first took place in Atlanta, Georgia (you can check out my recap here) but plans are to expand globally.

What's it like to go to the festival? You can read my past posts, but it's pretty spectacular. Hands down the best fireworks I've ever seen. Crazy lazers. Great sound. Awesome people. Good food. Cheap drinks. And they really make an effort to stick with the theme and tell a story. I have never seen so many decorations, costumes, and artistry for a music festival. You really just can't get any better.

Why should I go to Tomorrowland? Well, because it's the happiest place on earth. At least for me it is. People all over the world come together to celebrate music and life. It's not only about the music but about the experience.

I know this post was insanely long, but I'm trying to answer as many questions as possible! Check out the Tomorrowland website for access and information.

If you have questions about the festival feel free to email me: [email protected] 
I have created a page with Tomorrowland Frequently Asked Questions. Please check out all the information (including pricing, restrictions and times of ticket sales) here.
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Hope we can all enjoy the madness together in 2014!!

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