So I want to tell you all what I did this past summer. It involves lots of pictures.
So last year, in September one of my best friends got in a horrible motorcycle accident. He was very very lucky to live. We needed to do something, together, we have never done before.
We saw this video (You can watch it, or listen to it while you scroll through the pictures, it helps get the feeling about what I'm talking about):
Well that was it. We HAD to go.
So my friend, husband and I made arrangements to go to the largest and best electronic dance music festival in the world:
Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium (that is the real name of the town.)
We decided it would be a 10 day trip and after the festival we would venture to Amsterdam and Paris. It was a good decision.
Tomorrowland had 16 different stages, 400 acts, a ferris wheel, tons of food, drinks, a pool, a church of love (in case you get that lovin feeling at the concert- yes I'm serious), helicopter throwing out petals: it was magical.
Word's don't do it justice, so I'll show you the pictures.
We brought only the backpacks you see. And no cell phones.
Also, I barely made it on the plane, I forgot to get my passport changed to my new name after I got married. Whoops.
Day 1, perfect weather. That's the largest portable ferris wheel in all of Europe.
Avicii at night and the incredible story book stage
Bracelet to get in.
Carl Cox Stage
Professional photo, I wish I took it. But the fireworks were incredible.
Having a blast
Afrojack performance
my general attitude towards life


David Guetta


Swedish House Mafia


We brought wine in water bottles, that's right.


I'm enjoying myself


Professional Photo


I am the girl…if you didn't know…
Wassup 180,000 people


Steve Aoki


Me and Michael loving life. I know my sunglasses are cool.
Coming to a close, literally, the screen was a book. (Professional Photo)
So, my point is, do something you thought you would, should, couldn't ever do. Because once you do it you will have the best time of your life. Life is short, make it count.
 Stay tuned for the rest of my travel story next week (Amsterdam and Paris and how I almost got stuck in Germany!)