I know what you're thinking: Tomorrowland? I thought this was a blog about Pengiuns?! Where are the penguins?!
I'm sorry, you've reached the wrong site if you thought this blog is about penguins. Also, can you tell I'm still jet lagged? Just a smidge. If you need a refresher, on Tuesday I recapped my first day of Tomorrowland, and now we're on the second day, yay!

We got up early on Saturday to go tour Bruges. I really wanted to sleep but I'm glad we opted for less sleep and more sightseeing. Unfortunately all the weather cannons from yesterday moved the storm today. It was POURING in Bruges.

But we still walked the streets and saw the sites. And I managed to eat a Belgian waffle.

The sky cleared up for the festival and we were pumped to be sporting out matching tanks. “Texans LOVE Tomorrowland” and on the back “We Came, We Saw, We Raged” it was a great way to meet other Americans and even Texans.

On Saturday we saw:

Armin Van Buuren
Knife Party
Martin Slveig
Laidback Luke
Tommy Trash
Joris Voorn
An21 & Max Vangeli
Yves V

The festival constantly surprises me with how it's designed and decorated. The mainstage is jaw dropping with lights, steam, fireworks and waterworks coming out of places I never thought possible. The mainstage DJ booth is decorated with living flowers and looks like a mountain that changes colors in the light. The fireworks are so close Michael even got some ash almost in his eye! Worth it. Best fireworks show I've ever seen. (I'm looking at you Kaboom town).

This is a real picture I took, with no filter.

But it's not just about the main stage. The other stages each have a theme. Whether it's a colorful stage themed with buddha statues or multiple colorful tents on the water or a stage that looks like a butterfly (above), each stage is mind blowing. The stage below is called Q Dance and looks almost like a shiny bug. It was incredible.

 Even the walkways are transformed with colored lights, fire blowing statues and water that springs through the bridge. Everywhere you walk it's something new.

It started sprinkling again during Avicii's set. I only half noticed since I was freaking out over Avicii. I think I partially damaged my camera trying to take pictures in the rain. Once again, the water cannons sounded to help “move the storm along.” But this time, it wasn't stopping.

Next up was Armin Van Buren. And it was torrential downpour. My raincoat was soaked through in under 3 minutes and Michael's passport started to get wet. (this also because he was wearing only shorts and a hat that said Party in The USA.)  The lightening was streaking across the sky. But did I worry? Did I say, maybe we should leave now? Of course not. It was the last set of Saturday night and I wasn't going anywhere.

 So, like a crazy person we put our things inside my already damp purse and wrapped everything in my friend's rain jacket, fingers crossed everything was okay. The water on the deck level rose about my tennis shoes and to keep warm we jumped up and down continuously, thrashing dirty, beer soaked water everywhere. (I don't have any pictures of us soaked because I couldn't take any more pictures in the monsoon).

This was taken right before it started poring.

As I looked out into the crowd I thought for sure I had lost my mind. And I did. And I didn't care. I was just so excited and happy along with the other 80,000 people dancing in the rain.
 So call me crazy, but it's totally worth it.

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