Today is the day, the day we are linking up for your funniest, weirdest, most random Google Keyword Searches.
How do you find them?
Well, for blogger users, go to your stats –> Traffic Sources and then scroll down and you can see some of the search terms people use to find you!
OR you can do this in Google Analytics, just go to Traffic Sources–> Overview–> Sources–> Search–> Organic
Some of mine:
“Catherine double fisting” – explanation: this must be from my post about this past season's “The Bachelor” titled ‘Double Fisting‘ not my best title but it was only because there were two episodes of the bachelor that week. So like, yeah.

Hey Spray tan, how YOU doin?

Along those same lines we have…

“”one armed girl”” – explanation: I posted about Sarah, who I so dearly referred to as the one armed girl, from the Bachelor. I'm such a winner.
“hashtag to become instafamous” – explanation: this doesn't need too much explaining, I posted about how to be instagram famous. Which Clearly I am now.

helenesula [ T | M | L | O ]  3d
Helene Sula Normal

“haha that's my jam rap song” -explanation: I like my rap and I like my jams. This is just a fact. 
“do your nails make you look like a slut”  – explanation: I did a post about What your nails say about you. This had to be referring to this, right?

“my leg is broken” explanation: It was my ankle AND my leg that were broken. I posted about that a lot. Hey it was kinda a big deal. 
“doesn't aaron look sexy with his hair pushed back?” The answer is always yes, Mean Girls. 
“i look like a man” sometimes I do.
“nicki minaj wikipedia”… I would like to personally ask this person how they got to, were you on page 54 of google?
“how old is too old for tomorrowland” – If you're new (like really new) then you may not know I am obsessed with a music festival called Tomorrowland that I have posted about 787430 times. I don't know how in the world they came up with Tomorrowland Forever and found my blog but anything about Tomorrowland relating to me is a-okay. And the answer is: you're never too old for Tomorrowland.

“tall women strippers” this is scary now. 
“why does my hair have to be so straight and i can't curl it at all” My hair could not be more opposite of this, so you best go on and search again. 
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