I was watching Jenna Marbles' You Tube video the other day about what your hair says about you. 
It was very spot on.
And it got me thinking. 
What do your nails say about you? 
I think hands in general say a lot about a person, but nails are the tip top of your hand, the main focus, if you will.
So, What do YOUR nails say about you? 
Nails Done
You are super rich and/or also have a lot of time to kill. You think you're better than everyone else. You also probably get your hair done sometimes, don't you. Slut. Just kidding you aren't slutty. Actually you're kinda prude.
You get Rhinestones or Designs on Your Nails.
You are slutty. You have had plenty of one night stands and you are the girl version of a douche. You have a bedazzled phone and possibly a baby daddy. You may enjoy Cosmos and you're usually white girl wasted. You say things like “I just don't have any girlfriends.” 
French Manicure
You don't ever break from the mold. You have been rocking this look since Sadie Hawkins dance in high school. You prefer cosmos and might get a boob job/chin job/nose job etc. Your vacation destination is Vegas. Or you're in high school. 
You do them on you Own:
You are poor. You can't afford to go to a salon because if you did you couldn't pay this month's rent. 
But let's get color specific…
Red/Dark Colors. 
You really want to move to Miami but you don't have the guts to tell your live in boyfriend. You really like Real House Wives and want to be on the show. You may also be the life of the party. You like red wine. Not white. You never show up anywhere on time.
Pink/ Light Colors
You own a midsize vehicle and hate driving. You weren't great in school but you got by with good looks and charm. You drink white wine. You are married. You don't stop for squirrels. You take a lot of selfies.

You Pick it all off, all the time. 
You're sexually frustrated. You want more in life but nothing seems to be working out. You're debating whether or not you should sleep with your boss and you really want chocolate. You like to have staring contests. You might name your kid banana.
Neon Colors.
You are 12 years old. Or your name is Helene.
Accent Nail
You're so trendy you're impossible. You pick out your outfit the night before WITH accessories. You show up on time. You hate animals, especially cats. You like to sleep with a blanket or light on. You have Pinterest parties. 
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You are a hippie or a hipster. You detest all of the above. You buy organic food and clothing. You have a pet named Chaz (or that's your boyfriends name) and you're really into Pilates. You freak out around loud noises. OR you just don't have time.
*I'm ovbs JK. Some of those nails are mine.

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