Well I don't know you but I'm certainly in the Christmas spirit. After losing power for four days, I'm ready to be in a good mood, heck, I'm ready to act like a kid. Today, The Daily Tay and I have partnered for the link up: You're Always A Kid On Christmas. Grab the button below, and link up your favorite Christmas memories, old pics, or what makes you act like a kid again.

Helene in Between
Helene in Between

I act like a kid as often as I can, as evidenced by this post. But especially around the holidays, it's perfectly acceptable. Any excuse for me to act like I'm six or under, I'll take it.
So here's how I always act like a kid on Christmas:

– I will use any excuse to wear a tacky/ugly Christmas sweater. Better yet, I really just want to wear a Santa hat or reindeer ears.

My reindeer ears read “Helene” and I'm also rocking a onesie, so winning, clearly.

-I order the sweetest hot drinks. Hot chocolate with marshmallows, spiced apple cider. This time I just add a little alcohol. Then I really start acting childish.

– If I see Santa, I'm still sitting on his lap. He needs to know what I want for Christmas.

Christmas circa 1989

– Tear through Christmas presents without caution. That pretty paper? Consider it ripped.

 -I still FREAK OUT over gifts I really really wanted. This pic is of me (missing a tooth) getting giddy over my Elvis CD. I loved him. I used to tell people when I go to heaven I would marry him, but that's a blog post for a different day.

– I gasp at all the pretty lights on the houses and on my own Christmas tree. I even get a little teary eyed.

– Boss my little sisters around and remind them that I'm still older then them. (Wait, I do that year round.)

Are you jealous of my dress? You should be.

-When it gets really close to Christmas, I get sad that it's over. I mean, I know it will come again next year, but I just can't help but be sad the best time of the year is coming to a close.

– I will make a snow angel at the slightest glimmer of snow.

 – I will eat all of the candy and holiday-themed desserts immediately. Just put them in my mouth and start chomping.

Baby Helene

– On Christmas morning, I check and see if presents are there and then run around the house yelling, “Santa came!!” Yes, I'm 26.

As I get older, I appreciate the times when I get to act like a little kid. It brings back memories of being a kid and Christmas day being the best day of the year. Christmas is magical, you can act whatever age you want, and some how things in the world seem alright.

How do you act like a kid on Christmas?
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