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It's that time again. 

Bachelor time. 
Let's just dive into it. 
First one on one date goes to AshLee, she is thrilled (of course). Tierra has yet to have a one on one and is (SURPRISE!) livid and calls her a “cougar” since she's 32. If I were Tierra I would be livid that my name is easily made fun of: Tierra-ble, Tierr-orist etc, amoung other things. 
AshLee is getting emotional about her feelings for Sean and she just wants to spend her time looking into his eyes. Then they make out in the sand. Hopefully no sand fleas will end up in their swimsuits bottoms.
(She looks like she's not gonna let go.)
AshLee drops the bomb on Sean that she got married when she was 17. And broke up their senior year of high school. Am I the only one that is freaked out at this?! Ok, that's weird. That's pretty young. I need more details.
You can tell Sean is shocked but tells her that she's not broken. What a little angel nugget. And then she screams “I love Sean” and now we're all thoroughly uncomfortable. 
Tierra gets the second one on one and they are going to explore St Croix. But Tierra seems to find the bad in it and worries about her make up dripping. Again my best friend Lesley says she's just being Miley. JK she says what everyone else is thinking that she's a total bitch. 
On Tierra's one on one she makes sure to wear an outfit that my younger cousin might wear. After shopping they encounter a parade and Tierra proves she's a terrible dancer. Sean questions some of her actions so she turns it around by telling him she's falling in love and they tongue kiss and we are all grossed out. 

Sean wakes up Desiree, Catherine and Lindsey in the middle if the night (so sans makeup) to see the sunrise. And then he takes them all over Saint Croix to watch the sunset on the other side of the island. Catherine opens up to a very dark past with her Dad and then Desiree cries about nothing. Sean gives the rose to Lindsey… Why? Maybe he has a wedding dress fetish.

AshLee and Tierra have it out. Tierra comes clean to her aggressiveness: “I can't control my eyebrow” so if she raises her eyebrows at you, don't fret, she has no control over it. She has a sparkle. She has a cry fest with Sean where no actual tears are shed. Thankfully Sean's sister talks some sense into him and he finally sends eyebrows home. HALLELUJAH. 
At the rose ceremony Sean sends Lesley home. Idiot. 

She is obviously upset, but not as upset as Catherine.
Catherine is crying harder about Lesley leaving than Lesley is crying about leaving the show. 
Even though it's a little weird, I love her. Team Catherine. 
These four are left.

My favorite for sure is Catherine. The rest just seem a little off their rocker (even Desiree). 

Who's your favorite?

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