I hit 1,000 followers.
To say I am excited about this would be an understatement. 
First of all, thank you. Obviously you are the bees knees and you are all the most gorgeous people I know.
I don't know if I got a lot of followers fast or slow or whatever but who even cares?
I really REALLY appreciate those of you that read. It means a lot.
This is me excited, if you couldn't tell. 

I thought since we are talking about numbers I could tell you some of mine.

26- my age. I hate getting older. My favorite age was 6 (also it was before my little sisters were born, so it's no coincidence.) 
383- The number of people that we invited to my wedding. We had a little over 300 show up. I think I talked to about 50 of them. I was too busy dancing. Sorry Great Aunt Millie.

At least 50- The number of times I have seen the movie “Mean Girls” in reality it's probably more.

2,087- The number of times I have tweeted. Which is crazy a lot since I have only had my twitter account since October. (I just really didn't get it before). But now you can't shut me up.

1- The number of times I have been to Tomorrowland. Don't worry, I'm going again this year.

2- the number of sisters (or siblings in general) I have. They are twins. And too cute for their own good.

Anyway… to thank you I am doing a quick little giveaway of some of my favorite things that I will send to the winner ($15 iTunes Giftcard ( I love me some music!), Nail polish and Lip gloss and a few other goodies!)

So thank you again for following my blog!
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