And by Real I mean he calls a girl crazy.

I refuse to read Reality Steve. If you want to see who wins check him out.
If not continue…

Lesley gets solo date #1.
I'm thrilled. She's girl next door with a perfect pink lace dress. They go
to the Guinness world record museum where Sean's dad set a world record driving
through all the states. And then they break one for Longest on screen kiss. But
I'm distracted by Chris Harrison's vest. 

The kiss is weird, her hands all over his head and she's trying to stifle a
laugh. Sean's so red his ears are on fire. 

After they chat (and drink champagne) and she tells him he makes her
nervous. They are precious. Except when they tongue kiss. Eye muffs
Then it's time for a group date. They think it's all fun in the sun in
their matching sporty bathing suits (paid for by the makers of showing too much booty™) but it turns when it's sand volleyball
time and the losing team goes home. Tierra, model and the fitness coordinator's
team loses and they of course cry. They have lost the biggest game of their
lives. (Apparently)

Amanda is talking about getting married and Desiree is angered by her two faced-ness (although we all know all these girls have 2 faces- one with makeup and one without). Kacie B ain't putting up with it. She decides to tell
Sean that there's tension between Desiree and Amanda. Sean's over it and calls
Kacie B out, “Why are you saying something to me? They both seem fine.” He also uses the word crazy. (Everyone claps.) The glue from her fake eye
lashes keeps her from crying. 

Ashlee has the next solo date. But Tierra steals the spotlight by falling.
She's pulling a Michelle money (who punched herself in the face on Brad's season) and gets time with

Clearly nothings wrong with her.

They head to six flags and bring chronically ill teens to meet in person.
This makes my heart melt for Sean. 

And then we get deep about abusive foster life and meeting her real father.
Sean tears up like the rest if America. Is Sean the best bachelor? Ok Ashlee, I see you. I like you.
It's Sean stealing time at the cocktail party and no one can get 2 minutes
in edgewise.
Kacie B is dressed like a slutty race car driver. Is it Halloween? The
costume doesn't work and Sean is over her tattle telling on the other girls. He pulls her aside and send her on her way home.

Both the models (Taryn and Kristy) go home. Good riddance.

Sean seems to be making wise decisions. Except for the open mouth tongue kisses. Keep those to your self. 

Favorites are now: 

Desiree (like duh.)
Lesley (girl next door/actual person)
Ashlee (she seems down to earth)
Tierra (just because I like the crazy)
Selma (because she reminds me of Salma Hayek)
Catherine (because she is a little spunky and I like spunky)


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