I'm not going to lie, I was thrilled for this week's episode. It looked like Tierra was bringing the crazy. And I love nothing more than seeing crazies in their natural state. 

This week was full of dangerous games: Rock climbing, roller derby and talking about “feelings”- the scariest of them all. 

To start it off Selma got the first one on one date. 
They hop in a Jeep and go to the desert and she has no idea what's in store. 

She drops a “can you handle all 110
lbs if this?” We get it you're skinny. Shut up.
Then the Leslie I don't like, poker dealer, starts crying over not yet getting a
solo date. Put on your poker face on and get over it. 
Selma (aka Hayek) and Sean go to the dessert to hike around. She can't stand the
heat. And go rock climbing (and I'm flooded of memories of falling rock climbing
20 feet). But they do it and she's happy to see the scenery and Sean's happy to
see this:

Well those better do the trick because she won't kiss him until they are
like married. Ok, not that.But her Iraqi family background prevents her from getting a sloppy Sean kiss.

The group date is roller derby. I'm worried about one armed Sarah. How will
she cope with this? 
What if she breaks her stub? I am seriously worried. AshLee gives her a pep
talk. 10 points to AshLee. 

Psycho Amanda is good at the sport, or so she thinks. But then falls and almost breaks her jaw. Good. One
armed Sarah can take a break. Sean decides that the producer's  his idea
isn't working. So they free skate. 
After skating, Tierra freaks out. She wants to leave. “I can't take the
Catherine moves into first place by saying that Tierra is weird. +15 points to Catherine. 

Tierra is not going to “let someone bash a hammer over her head.” 

Tierra is one step ahead of the game, and tells Sean that girls will be talking to him about how Tier-rable she is.  So don't listen to that, Sean. Her mind games are intriguing. Sean buys it. What a noob. 

Her eyebrows and drama win the rose. 

Leslie H has solo date 2. They have a “Pretty woman” date. Except she picks
out a hideous dress and apparently isn't a hooker. And Sean Gives her an even uglier necklace.

 They're date was boring. And I was too busy instagramming a
pic of what I ate for dinner. 
Sean's bored too. No rose for you. 

Sean clearly has a mad crush on Catherine. Especially when she gives him a
naughty note. Sparks. 
They finally have a first kiss. 

Sean sends Amanda home. Even with a bruised jaw. And now, ego. 

Tierra is still standing and looks like she is ready for more drama next week. 
Hopefully Sean will soon enough see through makeup and neediness and realize she is just plain cray. 
The most dangerous game of all is of course, games of the heart. 
Not really, it's rock climbing. Falling 20 feet will easily break all your bones.

Fave girls are now:
Catherine, Desiree, Lesley, AshLee

What did you think?!