Hey, crippled girl here. 
For some reason the fact that my ankle is broken has affected my overall appearance.
To say I have let myself go is an understatement.
You know who loses in this game? 

But especially me, since I try to avoid the mirror at all costs.

My husband was out of town this weekend camping. He even took the dog.
So it was me, myself and I.
I decided: I am going to spruce myself up and take myself on a date.

Don't I deserve that?

I put on real clothes (i.e. no sweats) and I even put on makeup. See:

(To me a sweatshirt that says Amsterdam on it = real clothes. Get over it)

We all deserve to treat ourselves like we love ourselves. Right?
“You have to love yourself before you love others.”
I think we all get down on ourselves and constantly pick out our flaws. Believe me I have plenty of them.

But on Saturday I got a glass of wine and said “Self, you are a'ight.” I said it like that because I speak slang. Sorry you didn't know.

I was not going to criticize myself. I thought about some of the good things I got going on.

I have a great family and a wonderful husband. I did something right to get all that.

I have incredible people that read this blog.

I am sometimes funny.

When not crippled, I dance hip hop pretty well.

Yes, there are some things I need to work on. But there also somethings I am proud of.

And you should be proud too. So give yourself a hug/high five and ask your self “How YOU doin?”

Shout Out to Chelsea at Yours Truly for my new blog sig. Pretty slick if you ask me.