Weekends are always exponentially better than the week. 
So today I am crying in a corner. 
Just Kidding. 
But really. Weekends are the best.
This weekend I got to meet the diva herself: Sami from Sami's Shenanigans
It's weird meeting people in person.
What if it's awkward? What if we don't click? What if she is making up who she really is and “catfishing” me?
I brought my best friend along just in case and we met up at a bar in Deep Ellum (in Dallas). 
Turns out we clicked. 
We had a blasty blast. She brought along her friend Jen who I also loved. 
Jen, Sami, I and Lyndsie.
We then went to my favorite hole in the wall, dance joint. 
Where I preceded to embarrass everyone with my dance moves.
I tend to be weird about dancing. In that I can't stop. 
Saturday I went 45 minutes outside of Dallas, to Fort Worth, to celebrate my friend's birthday.
Her husband got us a hotel room. 
To say it was sketchy was an understatement. But that's what makes great memories.
We think we might have found cameras in the room.
We had dinner and then went out for dancing. Just my style.
Sunday was bloggy brunch day!
Back row: Sami, Amber, Me, Sarah
Front row: Jen, Max, Lia
I met up with some wonderful girls for brunch. 
They were all so sweet. (You should check em out!)
And they told me I didn't even scare them.
(Even though I know they were lying.)
You know you're a blogger when…
So you see, meeting with people you've never met before can work out. 
How was your weekend?!