FIRST, I want to thank you for all of your comments on yesterday's post. A lot of you even made me cry and I cannot believe the support and kindness I was shown. I love you all!!!

I promised some snarkiness and here it is.

I think I am pretty strong woman, I mean don't tell me I can't do anything a man can do. I can do it better. 

But there is nothing that I love more than some dirty rap songs. 
In fact, the filthier the better. Not only is it good to dance to, It's good to sing with. I can rap. I am not kidding. 
Maybe I will vlog it one day. 
Here are some of my faves. And I'm not even putting up some of the REALLY dirty parts. 
-Current fave “Pop that” Lil Wayne and Montana
I am rich like a bitch
On my proactive shit
Pop the p like a zit

Proactive worked for Weezy F. Baby

– “Rack City” Tyga
Got ya Grandma on my dick (haha)
Girl you know what it is.
I do not know what that is.

– “Badd”Mike Jones and Ying Yang Twins
She can shake ass for days
she get kinky in 69 different ways
Lots of kink she got.
-“Wait” Ying Yang Twins
Ya heard what I said, we need to make our way to the bed
you can start using ya head
The Twins prefer smart girls.

– “Did it On ‘Em” Nicki Minaj
If you could turn back time…Cher/ you used to be here now you gone…Nair

Nicki, whatever do you mean?

She doesn't know.
-“Get Low” Ludacris
The top of yo booty jigglin' out yo jeans
Baby pull yo pants up
Luda doesn't want to see that!
– “Mercy” Kanye West
Don't do no press but i get the most press, kid
Plus, yo bitch make your bitch look like Precious
Kanye is not a fan of the movie “Precious”

-“Hot in Herre” Nelly
I see you driving, sports cars, ain't hitting the throttle
And I'll be down to do a hundred, top down and goggles

Nelly puts safety first.

– “Play” David Banner
Everything is too dirty. But it's a jam for sure.

-“Every Girl in the World” Lil Wayne
My sex game stupid, my head is the dumbest
I promise, I should be hooked on phonics

Another Endorsement from Lil Wayne.

– “Birthday Song” 2 Chainz
  Bad bitch contest, you in first place
I just hope to place in general.

-“What Do You Say” Mickey Avalon
up in the club i fall asleep on the table
tip the waitress pinch the ass
i give her my number the kids got panache

Panache is  flamboyant manner, which this kid has.

– “Bandz a' Make Her Dance” Juicy J
Bandz a make her dance
Bandz a make her dance  
All these chicks poppin’ poppin', I’m just poppin’ bandz

this just makes me laugh.
What are your favorite JAMZ?