I tend to keep things pretty light on this blog but I wanted to share something about my personal life today. (Not that I don't already but ya know what I mean?) 
A while back I had a post mentioning my sister's battle with Leukemia. 
She was 14 and thankfully won the fight after 2 and 1/2 years of chemo. It certainly wasn't pretty- cancer never is- but it did help make our family stronger. 
Louise, myself and her twin sister Emma
A few months ago we found out my Dad had Stage 3C melanoma, that's one step away from terminal. 
I didn't know much about melanoma, there is not as much research about it. 
But, he was able to get on a clinical trial for the drug that was most successful.
Long story short, that drug and him don't get along. 
On Thanksgiving he was having horrible headaches and turns out the medication was making his brain swell.
He could have had a stroke from this but luckily they caught it early (or my mom did). 
Now it's back to the drawing board as far as treatment goes- which is a scary thing.
Me, Dad and Mom
But what I wanted you to get from this, is the single most important thing I've learned from my sister and Dad having cancer: be there.
If you know someone that is going through a rough time or had something traumatic in their life ask them about it.
I know a lot of people feel “awkward” and don't know what to say. Do it anyway.
All you have to say is “I'm thinking about you.” 
There are times in my life where I didn't do that for a friend and regret it. 
If you can, be there.
Just stop by and say hi. 
No one is going to make you donate money or make you feel uncomfortable.
The people that have been there for me I will forever be grateful and I will always be there for them.
Ok, I am done with my sad post and you can certainly expect some sarcasm tomorrow. 
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