So since you will not catch me scanning the sale racks of Target or any mall (broken ankles + shopping doesn't work), I am taking my Christmas shopping online.
Although it's seems easy, just type in want you want and hit enter, like most things in life I like to make it harder interesting to find the perfect gift.
I use Amazon and Ebay for the nick nacks I need.
Like the Neon hats I got for our European vacation to the music festival Tomorrowland (we went last year, for more on that awesomeness, go here). These are necessary for any festival goer, if you ask me. 
But what about all the really hard to shop for peeps? Those that never tell you what they want, they want to be surprised. Great. You want me to surprise you? Then you are getting this:
This is a water gun. You're welcome.
JK. But here are some gifts I think the people in my life would enjoy.
Drink wherever, whenever but keep it classy. This would be perfect for those that need a drink at work or at a wedding or event where no booze is provided. I might just wear a tie for this. 
No fear, there is a similar one for ladies. 
It's called the Wine Rack. Get it for the loved ones in your life that can't go anywhere with out a drink.
I know I've added it to my list. 
My husband loves camping, so I'm for sure getting him this sleeping bag.
Especially if it's really cold outside. And it looks like it would be good for scaring bears and small children.

Now seriously. This is so great for a newly married or newly moved people.

A customized address stamp. So pretty. 
I got one last year and use it on EVERYTHING.

But what's on my list?
I'm difficult because I just want money. But people don't always want to do that.
So here's what I really want:

A new peacoat.

Preferably this color. It's functional and would make me look less creepy.

For when I am not wearing the alcohol bra, I think this would be perfect when I'm trying to look classy.

Keep my wine cold, yessum.
Now it's time to get my big girl pants on. I am in desperate need of shelving. I need a china cabinet. 
I need it so bad it's not even funny. 

Our wedding China is stacked in a room.
Ok so I lied.
It's all over the floor.

And this would be handy for cooking.

St. Germain.
This is the best liqueur I have ever tasted in my entire life. It's made from Elderflower and it's picked from the Alps of France. Yes please I'll have another.
But can I just have this? 
My favorite vacation spot: Seaside, Florida. 
You can probably find me a deal on line, can't you?