Struggling to find meaningful Christmas presents for the special people in your life? From family members to coworkers to

your bestie, it can be hard to lock down the right gift. I've rounded up some awesome gift ideas that might make Christmas shopping a little less stressful.

1. Paint and Wine Night 

Plan a friend date night at one of the many paint and wine events available in big cities (and

some little ones, too). An artist will guide you two through the step-by-step process of

creating a beautiful painting, and you can enjoy wine, beer, or the drink of your choice while

perfecting your brush strokes. Many establishments also serve tapas, so you two can wine and

dine the night away while channeling your inner Picasso. You can often find deals for this type

of event on LivingSocial, so do your research and find the best fit.

2. Libation Fun 

Have a friend who has a propensity for Patron or is a sucker for Sky Vodka? Instead of

just grabbing a bottle of their favorite liquor, make it extra special by purchasing a

personalized bottle from Etching Expressions. You can add your own inside joke to its label, have the company etch in a personal photograph, or pick from various pre-

made label offerings. Not only will they have a great time sipping on their preferred libation, but

they’ll also know you put in the extra effort to make their gift thoughtful.

3. For Married Friends 

Our married friends, especially those with kids, don’t usually get as much time for romance as they want, so help them out with a

bona fide date night that requires no planning. Give them movie tickets and a gift certificate to

their favorite restaurant so they can enjoy their evening with no problems. If they have kids, you

can offer to babysit for the evening so they can focus on each other without worrying about

getting back to the babysitter. This is a thoughtful gift that they will greatly appreciate.

4. Make Fitness Fun 

If your friend has vowed to get back on his/her fitness game, give a gift to help them with that endeavor. Fitbits can be a bit pricy, so get one of the company’s less

expensive offerings — the Fitbit Zip. This tiny little clip-on will track

their sleep, exercise, and more. They can easily attach and reattach to different pants and other

articles of clothing, which will make it easier to keep their fitness goals in mind and avoid all

those holiday leftovers.

5. For Your Foodie Friend 

 If you have a friend who counts food as one of their first loves, then a foodie gift is sure to please.

Maybe it’s a novelty food item they’ve never encountered, like bacon flavored candy canes or

astronaut ice cream. And if they have a

refined foodie taste, consider taking them to a gourmet restaurant and really splurge.

6. Natural Home Décor 

 Help your friend bring some life into their apartment or house during the cold winter months

with a plant. Consider buying an Urbio set, the indoor plant shelving units that exploded into

popularity after being featured on TV's “Shark Tank.” They can create their

own vertical garden to keep greenery in their abode all year long. Plants are a great gift. Why?

They have oodles of health benefits, and they make decorating an easy task. Plus, with a set like

this your friend can get creative by mixing and matching.

7. A New Scent 

If your friend has an olfactory obsession, help her find a new signature scent with a  perfume sampler. Instead of trying to determine one scent out of millions in the

store, she’ll have various samples that she can try out on different nights on the town. Once she’s

picked a favorite, she can take the gift certificate included in the box and get a full size version of

her favorite scent at no extra cost.

Whether your friend loves food or thrives on a rigid

fitness plan, the idea is to find a gift that is specially tailored for them —thank me later!