I like big trips and I cannot lie.

Last year in Santorini

This is a fact. I make it a priority to travel overseas at least once a year. With a huge move and my general life plan, I've been trying to penny pinch and save as much as possible. It's not easy. Especially with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on.

But I'm making it a priority to save money as much as possible lately. I've always been pretty good about saving. I stick to this plan fairly well and I've done pretty well. But now, I need to step my game up.

Here's how I'm saving even more:

1. Reading blogs.
Bloggers have the best tips out there, if you ask me. I've loving this post about using coupons. They have already done the research, and I can learn from their skills. It's better when others do the work for me.

2. Relying on gift cards
Because I've been cleaning out things lately, I'm learning I have a surprising amount of gift cards. If I spend money on clothes or makeup, it needs to come from a gift card. That's that.

3. Careful about eating out
Since I only have a few weeks left in Dallas I want to make it count. But that doesn't mean I can go to my favorite steak restaurant and order one of everything off the menu. Just kidding, y'all, I don't eat steak! I don't order drinks out and I try to split the meal with Michael.

4. Groupon Coupons
I'm a Groupon addict as it is, and I'll definitely be using it when I get to Nashville. But Groupon Coupons are a brand new way to find things you'll love. Plus, they're free. There are over 70,000 coupons from 9,000 stores and you can even find deals from Expedia, Orbitz, and Hotwire to name a few. So I'll be sure to find deals for my upcoming travel.
Not ready to jet set? They have deals from Express, JC Penney, and even Nordstrom. Yesterday, I got $10 off Tom's shoes.

How do you stay thrifty?

Thanks to Groupon for making this post possible.