I have somebody, or rather, somebodies for you to meet. These cats are pretty cool. If you ask me.
I asked them about their blogs and then I give you my thoughts. 
She Said: I am a girl from a small town who is now living in the big city. I blog about my life and the things I think, do, and create along the way. My blog is a random assortment of things I enjoy. My faith and joy in helping others is the driving force behind my blog. 

I say: If you want to read a super sweet blog with an even super sweeter girl behind it, then this girl is for you. She is always looking out for others in need. Which is a great blog to read if you ever want to feel inspired.

Rachel @ The Easleys
She Said: It's about my life! It includes lots of pictures, recipes, DIY projects, and adventures with my husband and little boy.

I say: This girl is laid back and has one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen! She also has a sweet husband and she is a creative blogger with tons of fun ideas!

Casey @ True Colours
She Said:I blog about my life which involves a lot of travel and great adventures.  I've always been a wanderer and now my husband and I make it a priority to travel the world and bring back some pretty cool stories.  I love all things Paris, live for the feeling of the unknown of a foreign place and am roaming the world with any chance I get.
I say: This is my go to blog for travel tips and beautiful pictures from around the world. She has been so many cool places and gets to blog about it?! I'm jealous. And we share a love for Paris, of course.

Stephanie @ Bourbon and Glitter
She Said: Bourbon and Glitter is a personal blog about my crazy adventures, cocktail cupcakes, bar crawl themes and costumes, holiday planning tips and ideas, and too many photos of my furry pup Hawkeye. Bourbon and Glitter is all about keeping the party going!

I say: If you are a looking for a  party girl then raise a glass to Stephanie's blog. She is so full of fun and life! I adore her great attitude and outlook on life. Plus anyone that needs a drink is OK in my book.

Katie @ Simply Call me Sylvia
She said: My name is Katie and I blog over at Simply Call Me Sylvia.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “Wait, your name is Katie?  Who da hail is this Sylvia?”  It's Sylvia, as in Sylvia Plath (One of my literary idols!).  You don't have to call me Sylvia…just call me!  I'd love to meet you!  Over on my blog you will find daily happenings, crochet projects, music finds, travel stories, and pictures of my little pup!

I say: This crafty girl is full of fun stories and tons of cute scarves. I wish I had these skills! But her name ain't Sylvia y'all! She is a trickster. 
So, what do you say?! Check out these lovelies!
They are all part of the massive group giveaway, here.

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