A few months ago I started working on a little project. I had begun offering courses for bloggers, but I knew I couldn't just stop there. I wanted to create a whole community for bloggers to help grow their blogs, get up-to-date information and help them find their voice.

I tossed and turned about how to do this. I'm a big believer in online classes, in part because they've completely transformed my blog. But I also wanted to create a place where bloggers can share their blog experiences, highlight new trends, and exchange blogging expertise.

So, I came up with Blog In Between — a brand new, separate blog that will be updated at least once a week with posts focusing on growing your blog. Bloggers can also submit their posts to be featured (more on that later).

Basically, I wanted to devise a space where everyone can gain exposure and learn from each other. I see this as the proverbial tip of the iceberg. More details to come.

You can find Blog in Between (.org in case you're wondering) on Instagram, Bloglovin, Pinterest, and my newsletter.

Check out the full post for details on this new resource and let me know your thoughts.

Comments turned off today, so please post comments at Blog in Between. I'd love to know what you think!

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