The other day I was talking to my friend, a guy, and my blog came up. It often does, usually by me. I'm not shy about my blog. To be honest I think it's pretty fun and think more people (especially women) should write one. No, not everyone is in it to make money or for the follower count. And yes, it takes up an ungodly amount of my time. But it's also awesome. And sometimes people even read it.

This picture is at our fake Mardi Gras party from last February. It makes sense because it doesn't have to. 

Anyway we were talking about society, news, lifestyle etc, and he looks at me like he just smelled a skunk and exclaimed, “What the shit is a “Lifestyle Blog?!”
Michael, who was in the kitchen, peered his head around to gauge my reaction. As I was sitting on the couch with my legs crossed, I unfolded them and placed my hands on my knees ready with an explanation.
But I drew a blank.
What the hell do I write about?
One day it's actually about how to blog, the next it's celebrity gossip. Sometimes it's heartfelt, sometimes it's just silly and I wonder if I'm the only one who gets my humor.
After a few seconds of silence I straighten up a little and say, “A Lifestyle blog is where I write whatever I damn well please.”
And that was the end of that.

So what do you think, what is a lifestyle blog?

Sponsorship prices are going up so get them now. I promise, it will be fun. That's all I've got today. It's Friday and I have to get down on Friday.


Oh, but since this was short and sweet I have someone to introduce you to that's even sweeter. Amanda from Living in Another Language. I will tell you right now this girl is a gem. A GEM. She travels, she teaches, she will teach you how to not use shampoo. She has tons of tricks up her sleeve. And she's just the coolest. I have a big blog crush on her right now, so should you. I have her here today to tell you a little about herself:

Hey I'm Amanda, and I blog over at Living in Another Language. I met my husband in college, we got married after graduation, and then moved to Portland, Oregon to secure full time jobs. We were on the fast track towards living the American Dream. However, we woke up one day and realized we were bored with our life. Where was the adventure, the thrill, the excitement? There is NOTHING exciting about working 50 hours a week. So, we decided to sell everything and move abroad. We are currently living in South Korea, taking every opportunity to travel and really live our lives to the fullest.


 Why did you choose to go to South Korea? 
My husband had looked into teaching in South Korea while we were still in college, and discovered that not only would it be a great gig (working 20-25 hours a week), you get paid very well, have plenty of vacations, and have most of your expenses paid for. Would it be crazy if I told you we make more money now then we did when we were working full time back home? Also, South Korea does not require a teaching certification to get a job. Crazy, I know! I never considered that I would EVER be a teacher, but I really do love my job!

Dog, cat or none?
I've always considered myself a dog person. My family ALWAYS had a pet dog or two growing up, and I figured I would do the same with my family. However, since getting married, my husband and I live a pretty busy life, and dogs have never fallen into the equation. So, we got a pet that made a little bit more sense to us. A rabbit. He's pretty low maintenance, knows how to use the litter-box, and is probably the quietest pet you'll ever meet. 

What's one of your favorite posts you've written?
Seriously, this is tough. I guess if you want to know what my life is like on a daily basis in South Korea you should probably read this one But then again I do get into a lot of random situations as well…so maybe you should read this one?

 Is Amanda not the coolest? All I know, she's way cooler than me. Go check out her blog. Or find her on twitter and bloglovin.   photo signature-24.png