There are some people in life that have an extra set of skills that others don't have.
They have a 6th sense or are just a bijillion times better at something than everyone else.

Gift Swap

Who are these people and how do they do it?!
I'm talking about the ones that always know the right music to play.
When a song comes on different voices are heard saying,  “That's my JAM!”
One time I was out with some girl friends and the guy played “Motown Philly” by Boys II Men.
This was our jam when we went on a trip a couple years before when we took a trip to the beach. It was literally played multiple times a day. 
And no one requested it.
Was he psychic? 

The IT department.
I know that schooling is part of their knowledge, but still. 
How can they just look at a computer for 5 seconds (push up their glasses) and then fix the problem?
People that invent things.
Instagram. Facebook. 
It all leaves me thinking: why didn't I think of that.
I didn't because I am not half as smart. 

My Secret Santa.
How in the world did she know that this would be the best gift ever? Something I could ACTUALLY use.

She must have been reading my blog. 

Music is one of my favorite things of all time.
THANK YOU soooo much to Amanda from Tales From a Far!!

What did your secret Santa give you?!

Go see what I gave my Secret Santa!!