This weekend I saw Les Miserables.
The movie definitely puts life's little ups and downs into perspective.
These people had horrible lives. They just couldn't catch a break.

And it got me thinking…we've got it good.

A lot better than the people in Les Mis, on at least five key levels:

5. We aren't in Pre-Revolution France.

For the majority of us, if we lived in France back then, we'd probably be living on the streets. Begging for food. The fact that we don't have kings who take 90 percent of our money and use it to furnish a gilded palace is a plus.
4. We don't live in a slave-oriented society.

Just about anyone without money could end up a slave. You stole a loaf of bread and you end up working to the bone as a slave. WHILE SINGING. If that's not harsh punishment, I don't know what is.
3. Prostitution is not a woman's only solution for supporting the family.
While it continues to thrive in modern society (hey, it's the oldest trick in the book) women can get an education and actually hold our own in society. Look at how many women were picked in this last election to serve in Washington. Or sell our hair to make money (except for you, Anne Hathaway).

2. We don't have to sing all the time.

Very few words in the movie aren't sung. Think about how much effort goes into singing your entire life. You'd have to plan your whole day around coming up with a melodic response…that rhymes.
1. We aren't Les Miserables…translation: “The Miserable Ones.”

I feel pretty sure that history will NOT look back on our country during this era and label us miserable. But what WILL they say about us 300 years from now?
I'm not talking about labels like the “Generation Xers,”  or the “Me” Generation. But watching Les Mis made me consider our particular blip in time. I wonder what will our legacy be? What will the musical of our generation sound like?

Let's hope it's more of a comedy than a drama.

On a very off topic side note… one of the actresses in the movie looks like this:

And I would just like to know where her waist is? I was so distracted by her tiny waist I hardly noticed anything else going on in the scene.
As you can see my weekend was clearly eventful.
Whoop for the Aggies Beating OU in the Cotton Bowl!