This morning has already started off rough. Last night I hit a cone in the middle of my exit lane on the highway and it cracked my bumper. I'm already running late. So when I walk into work this morning it's probably going to go something like the following.

Just so we're clear, at work- I'm here to work. Not to impress you with my style. Not to show off my new mascara or Forever 21 top (hey, that thing was $18 and I'm saving for a night on the town). Sometimes I look like what the dog dragged in. And sometimes, other people notice. This is what faces they make when I come in:

When I roll in with glitter on my face that I forgot was there from the Ke$ha concert:

They're all like: haha! She doesn't know….
And I'm all:

After a night out I walk into work with the same clothes from the day before:

My coworkers are like:
When I come into the office with a new hair cut, my boss is like:
When I have on the same jeans from last week people are like:
When I wear a t-shirt that I might have slept in:

When I put on make up or do my hair for a change:

Hold on, it's only because I have something going on after this. THIS will not be a regular thing.
But I'm all like:


And now I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to Rachel! This girl is sweet on the inside and out and she's also smart as a whip (10 bonus points and 5 snaps please.) She love's life and is not afraid to take chances, check her out!!

Hey ya'll! No, I'm not Southern, I'm just lazy and prefer abbreviations whenever possible.

I'm Rachel and I blog over at Raves + Revelations, which is exactly what it sounds like: a lifestyle blog where I rave, rant and revel in life.
A few important things you should know about my blog:
  1. My blog was “born again” last summer after a revelation I had about wanting to get serious about my writing career. The gist? I want to write a book, and I think I have stories worth telling.
  2. Some of said stories include participating in a Tough Mudder, rockin' out to Wiz Khalifa whilst drinking champagne, traveling to Europe and going behind the scenes at Obama headquarters on Election night
  3. Reality TV is my vice, and people on shows like The Bachelor make creating blog material easy.
  4. Those rants I mentioned earlier? They're usually “to the” people who do things like go to the bathroom in the stall next to me, even though there are five empty stalls, or to people like Teresa Giudice who have an unacceptable hairline. (See note above about reality TV.)
  5. I don't only blog snark. I join lots of linkups, and really do have some revelations that I share. 
A few important facts you should know about me?
  1. i love to write. i love to make people laugh. i love to tell stories. i love it the most when I can do all three of these things at once.
  2. once, when I was in elementary school, I left an obscene message for my dentist. (You're going to have to read this post to get the full story on that one.)
  3. Ryan Gosling is on my top five
  4. i believe that “That's what she said” jokes will never get old and will make me laugh every single time. 
  5. i am a birthday snob.

That about sums it up. Looking forward to hearing from you lovelies!

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