Y'all it's the Holidays.
Like Duh, Helene.
I know. 
But I want to share with you one of my favorite holiday memories. 
Every year (since I started dating my husband when I was 17) we go to a little outdoor celebration of lights called, Santa's Village. 
I adore it. 
It's totally for 5 year olds, since it's full of cookie decorating, sitting on Santa's lap, a petting zoo and of course tons of lights. 
To say I am young at heart is an understatement. 
My husband and I used to take my little sisters but they have grown out of it. I guess we haven't. 
I don't care. To me, Christmas is all about being a kid again. 
I wanted to ask some of my sidebar gals their faves too!

High Tea every year at the Drake hotel with my mom. It's my favorite tradition, with all the beautiful decor, harp music, and mother daughter bonding time!
Rachel @ The Easley's 
Heading to West Virginia to spend time with family and play in the snow! 
Sarah @ Loveee,Sarah
Last year the hubby and I went to Chicago to visit my side of the family. I found out there was a Dr. Suess exhibition at the museum of science and industry. It was the best place to be! A huge tree at the center and every Dr. Suess character imaginable! It was so awesome to see that! 🙂 
Casey @ True Colours
My favorite Christmas was a few years ago here in Oregon.  It was the first year in a very long time that my parents, brother, grandparents and my husband and I got to spend the holiday together.  After growing up overseas, I never had big family Christmases, so it was lovely to have all my family together for once!

Megan @ Just a Small Town Girl
My favorite holiday memory is from the year my mom's side of the family went to Gatlinburg, TN and stayed in a cabin for a week. There were 17 of us in a 3 story cabin. We had a lot of fun hanging out together and seeing the sights. One day us girls were out shopping when it started to snow. We headed back to our cabin as the snow got heavier. Unfortunately, we got stuck about half way up. We were not dressed for snow! The guys had to walk down the mountain to rescue us. It was a great trip!

Alexa @ Southern Living, Our Way

Baking my grandma's sugar cookies to leave for Santa and then shoving 342314987097 of them into my mouth instead of actually leaving some for him.

Stephanie @ The Vintage Modern Wife

My favorite holiday memory has to be spending every Christmas eve at my Aunt Gloria's house. She has us decorate Christmas cookies the night before for the party, and at the party we all do a gift exchange and have our own Advent service where we read about Jesus and his birth. It's such a wonderful thing to look forward to every year. 

Kelsey @ Stories of Kel
One of my favorite Christmas memories is staying up late on Christmas Eve and playing games with my family. 

Kristen @ Making Each Minute Count
My favorite holiday memory is every Christmas Eve with my family, we would get to open one present before bed.. It was always a new pair of really cute pj's & we always knew what to expect but it was still so fun! Darren & I are carrying on that tradition this year since I won't be at home with my family to do it there!

My favorite holiday memory is something that the girls in my family do every year.  We buy matching pajamas to wear on Christmas morning.  We have been doing it for about 4 years now, and it has become a little tradition for us.
My favorite Holiday memory has to be when my parents rented the entire family a limo and we rode “in style” to Callaway Garden's annual light show.
What's your favorite holiday memory?
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