I usually have a rule that I will not listen to Christmas music or decorate until after Thanksgiving. But with the crackling fire, s'mores, and my first ever fake tree that we bought for 80% last year, I cracked. We put on Christmas music and put up the tree. Oh, and rearranged all of our living room furniture in the process.

As I put the tree up with Michael, while Hugo laid on the plastic bubble wrap, I couldn't help but feel thankful. The holidays have a way at pulling at my heart strings.

Michael turned off all the lights and then flicked on the switch for the tree. I gasped. Sure, I've seen a lit up tree before, but there's just something special about putting up your own tree. I even started tearing up, you know, in a good way. I just felt overwhelmed with happiness. I'm officially in the holiday spirit.

Since I'm in the spirit, how about a giveaway to spend $135 wherever you want?!
I have some super fine ladies giving away $135 to wherever your heart desires. That's right. We are feeling super warm and fuzzy. Want Target? You got it. Feeling frisky for J Crew? Consider it done. Starbucks, Paypal Cash, Sephora….whatever you want. You win, you choose!

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// Nicole // Ashten // Kelly // Kenzie //

$135 Winner's Choice Giveaway!  What would YOU choose?! Happy Holidays!

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