One of my biggest pet peeves is my name. It's a little different. Helene. It's pronounced Hell (like the place) + lean (god, wish i was lean). 
But people just don't get it. They call me Helen, they call me Haylean, they call me Stacey- ok jk.
I hate having to correct people about it. But it's my name! I get emails all the time with Helen. I know it's hard to remember, but it's not THAT hard. 

People will come up with some funky stuff. And then I correct them. And they ALWAYS forget. Hello, y'all- I'm correcting you. GET IT RIGHT

Do you have a funky name?

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Favorite Thanksgiving Memory:
Every Thanksgiving spent in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at my name sake, Aunt Helene's House.
Lots of eating and even more drinking.
Cousins galore.
Cajun cooking.

Favorite Thanksgiving food:
I adore sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top

Thanksgiving Tradition:
Thanksgiving Parade, Tarole helped me remember:)

We always drink too much and then go see a holiday movie.

Thanksgiving from years past:

I have no pictures?! but they consist of this: