Despite the fact that I could hardly move on account of my broken ankle, it was the best Thanksgiving ever.
My husband, Michael, and I made the 7 hour trek from Dallas, Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to party with 67 other Cajuns. 

The drive was great, especially for me since I couldn't drive a lick (broke the right ankle). Plus we were jamming to free XM radio the whole way down. Oh and we stopped for Dairy Queen- gotta start the unhealthy eating off right!

You know you're in Louisiana when…

We arrived Wednesday night to a pot of Gumbo and tunes by the campfire.
The next day, Thanksgiving, was non stop: hugs, kisses, eating gorging, drinking and reminiscing on the past year and future plans. Like when am I having kids? Answer: Never!!!!!
As you can see I hardly moved from that chair.

My sisters and I (we are 7 years apart) tend to fight a lot during the holidays, but we kept it very peaceful. Maybe we are finally maturing?! 

I think I tend to dislike them because they are thinner, have better hair and better grades in school than I ever did.
The masses of people
Even though there were 67 people, it could not have been a more perfect Thanksgiving. Everyone was just so happy to be there. And to eat. 
The Kettle of Jambalaya
I was seated outside, with my cousins and sat with my leg propped up on Michael. 
He's a good sport.
On Friday, we drove to visit Michael's Dad and his new house.

Then it was back to Dallas.

Bed Head and all.

I married this man.
How was your Thanksgiving?

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