I have been married for 2 years, but this holiday season marks the third time we're spending it hitched. But there's a problem. I want to spend all the holidays with my family.

I know. I KNOW. It's really selfish. I get that. But my family is the best. It's a fact.

Thanksgiving last year was epic. It was Cajun style (we were in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after all). There were 67 people there.

It also included a kettle of Jambalaya, tons of alcohol, and just the bestest and biggest family I know.

Then there's Christmas. This is the time of year where I turn into a full blown child. It's my parents fault for giving me such a great childhood. But we have traditions. We go see Christmas lights on Christmas eve and eat ice cream. Then Christmas morning is spent at my family's house pretending Santa just came. (The youngest people in my house are 19, but it's good to be young at heart.)

Then my mom makes Christmas dinner and invites everyone over to the house.

I know that Michael has his traditions. I get that. But I'm having a hard time missing out on mine.

My sisters are gone at college and without thinking I assumed we would make the 7 hour drive to Louisiana for Thanksgiving this year. I didn't think about Michael's side at all.

I'm a bad person. I know. But I just can't help it.

So this year, for Thanksgiving, we may split holidays. He wants to stay here and I'll go there. Is this crazy? I know you're supposed to spend it with your life partner. But really… there are 365 days in a year and I get to see him almost all of those. I want to see my family. I need to eat some of the Jambalaya out of the kettle.
I don't want to spend it apart. But I also can't imagine NOT spending it with my family.

Am I selfish? Is this normal? Is it OK to split a holiday?