Thank goodness it's Friday!! Well, in my world it's always Fridays since I am not working! It sounds good doesn't it? Well, it gets kinda boring. Believe me! If you don't know why I'm working check out this post to see!

1. Favorite face

 Joe Biden. This has nothing to do with politics and I have no desire to pick a politician on this blog. But I you didn't watch the debate last night this guys facial expressions were pure gold. Love it. He laughed, he yelled, he showed his teeth, and he said malarkey.

2. Favorite show.

On the same subject, HBO's show Veep. I was very recently introduced to this show by a friend and its hilarious. It stars Julia Louis Dryfus (um love Seinfeld) as the Vice President and basically she's totally out of it.

3. Favorite Beauty Buy.
Basically since I'm locked up at home there is no need for me to put on any makeup (or shave my legs but that's a different subject…). But I still like to have fun with beauty products. Right now I am digging this color from Essie, “Don't Sweater it” introduced to me by the ever awesome Teh Wifey.

4. Favorite Team.
I am a big baseball fan. It's really the only sporting event I attend (plus its much more affordable). Since I'm from Texas I do love the Rangers but I've always been a Yankees fan. It's in my blood. No my family isn't from the north (they're from Louisiana) but my father, my fathers father and so on has always been a Yankees fan- and so am I. This year they have a chance to make it a 27th win for the World Series, plus this guy ain't too bad to look at:

1. Favorite Event
 Since it is one of the best days of the week I thought I would wrap it up with my favorites. I know so many of my friends are especially excited for this weekend's big football game: TX/OU at the Cotton Bowl. This is the one weekend I try and avoid the fair. But I love watching how all the fans get extreme about thier team. If I wasn't on crutches you can bet I would be at the West End to watch all the great brawls occur!

If you noticed, Do Dallas Cheap has a new look. I know I know, I just changed it. But I think this is a little more girly and cleaner! Thoughts?

What are your Friday Faves?!