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But I wanted to tell you my favorite things from the past month….
My new Faux Leather Boots from Forever 21. They were $16.50. I can't wear them on account that I still can't walk. But they will be super cute in about a monthish. (that's a word, kay?)

Favorite Celeb News: 
This crazo is preggo again.
I mean really?! Jessica Simpson, keep it in your pants.
Having a broken ankle for the past 2 months really makes you appreciate walking. And doing things like this.
You can bet your bottom dollar I will be breaking it down as soon as I can walk again!
This iPhone case. You take a pic of something and it shows up on the back of your phone. Oh my lawd I want that. 
I mean, I am already not spending enough $$$$$ on my iPhone as it is. (said no one ever) The video for it is here.

But my most favorite thing…
is that we are hosting Friendsgiving tomorrow.
I know it's after Thanksgiving and it's also a little cray cray on our part since I can hardly help.

Above are some of the guests that will be there. Oh and FYI, my husband is the one on the far right double fisting beers. I am so proud.

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