My husband and I are pretty frugal (him more than me). Here's an example: A few years ago he bought Chaco flip flops. Our lovely doberman Hugo chewed the strap off of one of them last week. Instead of being a normal human being and buying a new pair he took them to a tailor to have FLIP FLOPS fixed. They are now sewn together using different materials and look… great…
On another note, I do recommend them, I've had mine for about 5 years and they have help up! Here is a really bad pic of my shoes as well as my bunions, you're welcome.

My motto is that if it's something I want and it's a good price go for it! I love love love a good deal. I mean, I'm blogging about deals. But there is one thing that I am willing to sacrifice my hard earned money for: an Iphone. Those folks at Apple really have made a good, well tempting, product. 

As soon as it went on sale I pre-ordered one. Mind you I was due for an upgrade- but still $199 for a phone with a few upgrades- yikes. Never the less I couldn't resist. As soon as I get my palms on it I will review what I think here. At least I am not waiting in line for hours, like these schmucks:

Via CNN news

Is there any must have product you have to have immediately regardless of the price?

Since It's Friday- and well to quote Rebecca Black, you gotta get down on Friday, I have decided to show off some of my favorites from the week!

1. Favorite YouTube Clip. Any clip from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child. Don't Judge

2. Favorite Website to Cure Boredom. The WhatShouldWeCallMe Tumblr. I know it's been around but lately its my addiction. 

3. Favorite Current Addiction. Online Halloween costume Shopping. Yep. It's time to get serious about what to wear this year. (Also, the deals usually start to come out around now for this) Also Pinterest has some great ideas for this years. 

4. Favorite Ingredient. Pumpkin. I mean all I want to make are some warm pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pie, milkshakes- you name it. It's practically all I Pin
5. Favorite Deal. Living Social's Party Bus Rental. What a fun way to spend time with your friends than by renting a party bus and hitting up the town. For $450 you and 18 of your friends can drink and not worry about driving. Plus this deal is around for 5 days so you have some time to poll the gang. We are thinking of renting this around Thanksgiving so we can eat, drink and then cause mayhem around Dallas.