I love Dallas. There is so much to see, do and taste. Yes, there is pollution and people can be a bit uppity (sorryboutcha). But it is full of life and culture. There are always events and new restaurants popping up. With so much competition these businesses get us in the door with coupons, freebies and of course great deals. But with so many deals and deal websites it's often hard to find a deal you really want.

People in this town love a good deal. But it's not always easy to find. There are dozens of deal sites, such as Groupon, Living Social, KGB Deals, etc. Being a deal lover (My Husband and I try to not go anywhere without a coupon) I subscribe to all these sites. But there is more out there than just deals. And which ones are worth it? With this blog I hope to find the best deals out there. Whether its with a coupon, a freebie or just a really great deal I will blog about it.

Just so you can understand how deal obsessed I am, here is a list of some of the deal websites I subscribe to:
– Groupon
-Living Social
-Urban Dealight
-Juice in the City
-KGB Deals
-Lifesta (If you haven't heard of this one, check it out! You buy old deals from other websites in case you missed out)
-YP deal of the day
-Deals That matter
-Social Buy
-Seize the Deal

Yes, I'm a little obsessed. So what, who cares?

One of my favorite Saturday Night Live characters. Just had to throw it in.

Some others that aren't deal of the day but send you coupons and specials:
-Vacations to Go

Basically if I think I can get a discount I sign up. But a lot of these sites bring deals that well, suck. I will bring you the best and how to get it!