Hashtagging is an art form. You can't hashtag too much. But not hashtagging at all isn't very fun. Lately, I've been following certain hashtags. Clicking on them and then discovering new people to stalk follow. But how can this apply to blogging?

Link ups are a wonderful way for bloggers to connect. They give you a great idea of what to post and also to see what others think about the same subject. But they exclude non bloggers. So Sarah and I, as we often do, were discussing a link up and an idea came up.

We wanted to include everyone in the link up. A way for people to connect– whether they blog or not. How could we do this? Simply, a hashtag.  So, we decided to apply this to link ups!
We will host these link ups once a month and everyone can join, via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course, blogs!

The first prompt for the link up is: Your first time. 
Show us your first blog post, your first boyfriend, your first day of school – whatever!
When you post on your blog you can of course link up with us the day of (which will be next Thursday, May 15th). But you can also post on other social media outlets using the hashtag: #firstsTOTALSOCIAL

Each month will be a different prompt, but the hashtag will always include “TOTALSOCIAL.” That way everyone can follow along and participate.
This is our first time trying this out so we hope you will join — bloggers and non bloggers alike!
Hopefully this will help everyone discover new blogs, Instagrams, Twitter accounts, etc!

Here are the details:
Who: ANYONE! Just as long as you have social media!
When: Thursday, May 15th
What: Link up your first time on whatever your heart desires!
Why: Because link ups are fun and everyone should get to participate!
Grab the button below:

Helene in Between
Helene in Between

For the first time I'm going to
show you my first blog post. Instagram my first instagram. Tweet out my first tweet, etc!
You could also:
Repin/Blog/Tweet/Instagram your first… Pinterest pin. First recipe. First home or apartment. First puppy/baby picture. Really, anything you want!

The great thing about it is you can participate in more ways than one, or via one social media channel. We can't wait to see everyone's firsts! We hope you'll link up next Thursday!
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