Sometimes I see things in the news or on Buzzfeed and I gasp. Oh my GOD! They did that! That's cray. Just kidding. I don't say cray. But I do gasp audibly and then look to the dogs lounging on either side of me to garner their opinion. They usually just look up at me, lovingly.
The internet seems to freak out over the smallest of things. I think collectively, we like being shocked. But lately, there are some things that just don't seem like that big of a deal to me. So I'm wondering- am I the only one?
Take the recent Kim Kardashian Paper magazine cover. She's exposing her bare, very famous, butt.

Not in this picture, but this one. I know she's showing her rear, but it's not like anyone hasn't seen it before. It's fairly clear that the images have been photoshopped.. And how is photoshopping surprising to anyone? Come on, everyone does it. If you don't like something, you're just giving more fuel (and publicity) to the fire by posting about it.

Also, people of the internet, many articles on these sites are sarcastic. The articles are clearly tongue and cheek, so you don't need to lose all your chill and rant with a small novel on why you disagree with the article. Save it for your Facebook status updates.This is addressed to those who leave comments on said articles, of which I think none of them read this blog. But I had to say it anyway.

So have I become completely desensitized? Is this that big of a deal?