The Real Chronic BitchFace

The Real Chronic BitchFace

Have you heard of the term “chronic bitchface”? Urban dictionary defines it as “When a female has facial features that make her look like a bitch, when she might not be a bitch at all.” Other terms include bitchy resting face, basically no matter what, your face gives off the vibe that you’re in a bad mood. While I’m sure many women suffer from this condition, there is one female who actually defines the term, my dog. 

This weekend I caught Millie chewing on one of my shoes. It was typical, she seems to be chewing everything that I that I leave out if I don’t keep an eye on her. I decided to do a little dog shaming, you know, to really put her in her place. While I took a picture of her it was clear, she didn’t give a shit. 

It’s almost as if she’s looking at me like I’m a complete idiot. This means nothing to her and she will surely do it again the next time she finds something of interest to chew.

As I was looking at other pictures of her I realize my dog has chronic bitch face. I guess it’s fitting because she is a bitch after all. I mean that is a technical term for the dog itself. But nobody really has the whole bitch face down like Millie. 

Look at her compared to Hugo. She’s looking up at me like she’s above this and I need to hurry up with my shenanigans of picture taking. Hugo’s over there just like hey, what’s up, I love you. Not Millie, she’s too cool for that. 
Of course she’ll wag her tail when I come home. She’ll dance in circles when it’s time to eat. She’ll lick me when I play with her on the floor.
But as soon as a camera comes out the chronic bitch face sets in. 


Luckily, that face is still very cute and lovable. But you can definitely tell this dog gets an attitude from her mom. Do your pet’s have this problem too?
Do you know anyone that suffers from chronic bitch face?

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  • Hahaha! I love this! She really does have chronic bitch face. She looks like she's just so over everything.

  • "Look at all these fk's I don't give, Mom!" – Millie

  • Haha, so funny! Millie does look like she could care less that she just ate your shoes. Oliver turns on the sad puppy dog eyes when he's done something bad!

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  • hahah millie is like: here's what's up: I GIVE ZERO FUCKS.

    i have a bad case of resting bitch face πŸ™

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  • hahhaha she's lucky she's so cute!
    With Luck Blog

  • I'm thinking Millie has more of the "Oh, You Don't Say!" face. She looks genuinely intrigued! But maybe that's just me!

  • I knew I liked Millie. She and I both have "chronic bitch face".

  • She totally has chronic bitch face. I feel a kinship with her because I have bitchy resting face.

  • That's hilarious! She really does!

  • I find it hard to see the bitch face when she's SO cute!

  • I really love it! And yes, even though my dog is a male… Baloo has a chronic bitch face…. just like his momma has a bitchy resting face as I love to call it.

  • Hahahahha! Bailey has that, too! Must be the girl dogs because the boys are just like, "Hey, Mom!"

  • HAHHA, girl I'm dying laughing! She does!!!

  • Hahahaha I love this bitch face … She has it down for sure.

  • Haha awwww that face! But she so does! Isn't it amazing that no matter how bratty they can be all it takes is looking into their little faces and your heart just melts πŸ™‚

  • haha, that's funny, definitely has the face down pat.

  • Those are two beautiful dogs! Bitch face or not…=)

  • Ha! She just looks like she's waaaayyyy better than everyone else! x

  • HAHA that's awesome! In the first picture I was like awww, it's not so bad… but the rest of them.. man, she just doesn't give an eff. Love it.

  • This is awesome! Yes…my dog Bella definitely suffers from Chronic Bitchface too!

  • I do know someone who suffers from Chronic Bitchface…that would be me. Unless I am smiling people automatically assume I am a bitch,

  • Lol, she needs to be Posh Spice's dog!

  • HAHA Zoey is the same way! Dogs crack me up!

  • Haha Millie just knows how to tell the camera who is boss! I love how Hugo is in the background given Millie a look like…just go with it…amuse the human! Neither of my dogs have a bitch face, but Mac is an asshole. He stills toys from his big sister, walks all over everyone and takes what he pleases. He will swat my hand away from his sister to steal her pets. He also gets moody and will be very vocal to let you know he doesn't approve of something.

  • This is hilarious. She looks totally pissed in all these pictures!!!!

  • Oh my gosh I love this and now I'm actual starting to think my Dog might have a chronic burch face too. I mean, she's chronically a bitch soo it wouldn't be much of a surprise!

  • Tilly definitely suffers from this…waaaay more than I do! haha

  • Haha!! The squinty eyes really says it all. You do not amuse me! Seamus is such a happy looking pup but I think I have a resting bitch face but I smile a lot when I see people.

  • She's got it down pat! So many of my friends have chronic bitch face and I think it's HILARIOUS and take pictures sneakily each time. So much wedding slideshow material for the future.

  • This is too funny! Both your dogs are adorable πŸ˜€

  • bahahahhaaha she certainly knows how to strike a pose for sure! I as well suffer from this… the point where strangers will come up to me and ask if I'm okay. Clearly I am shifting through my 100 mile an hour thoughts and that leads to chronic bitchface πŸ˜‰
    ~Amanda | Meet @ the Barre

  • My dog has INSANE resting bitch face! She stares at me like she is trying to cut me with her eyes.

  • Ha!! She totally does!! It's ok, I do too! Xoxo.

  • Your dog and I have this in common. Perhaps I will see her at the next Chronic Bitch Facers Anonymous meeting?

  • haha that last picture is perfect! She is such a diva! My dog does the same she acts like I am bothering the hell out of her when ever i try to get a pic

  • Bahahaha! Aaron uses that term aaaallll the time! Not about me of course cause he knows what's good for him πŸ˜‰ She really does carry herself like she is better than everyone…I shall now nickname her…Mariah Carey…or some other difficult celebrity

  • haha so cute! my dogs' resting faces look super sad/pathetic generally. though rosie can have a bit of a resting bitch face too haha. love it!

  • Aww haha what a cute bitch face! Love the little shoes.

  • hahaha, I love that your dog has bitch face. Oh yeah, my cousin and one of my close friends have bitch face real bad! They know too. Poor things. Actually, I think I have bitch face when I'm grocery shopping.

  • Haha aww sweet girl! And I love her little booties! My dog would bite the crap out of me if I tried putting shoes on her. I guess that makes her the biggest bitch of them all.

  • This completely made my day. So cute!

  • mom- i am totally above what you're putting me through

  • hahaha this made me giggle! She really does know how to rock that bitch face!

  • This is hilarious! And of course I immediately thought of a person I know that has that "face" on all the time!!! MY NEIGHBOR! UGH!

  • haha bitch face or not, she is just too cute (and not that im biased because mine looks identical to yours). how can you resist those faces!!!

  • Who can resist that face, regardless?? Too cute! And this post cracked me up!

  • Omgosh that's too funny. She's so adorable though, as is Hugo <3. My pup definitely has resting bitch face. She even REFUSES to look anywhere near the direction of the camera or phone camera. Sometimes, she'll even be looking at camera until it's right about to go off and then she quickly looks away like "gotcha!" and gives me the face. πŸ™‚

  • Ha! Even with resting bitch face…she is pretty damn cute! Dogs are so wonderful I wish everyone had one!

  • Yup, that would be ME! If I'm not careful my concentrating face gives off a an "F YOU" vibe to the unfortunate onlooker. It's created quite the awkward moments. My dog is an English Bulldog, so he's just stuck in the Winston Churchill look alike contest for life.

  • I can't focus on anything other than that your dog wears SHOES.

  • I can't get over her shoes.

  • Yeah, what's up with the shoes? She's got a great nose.

    • They're for hunting, so when she's out flushing birds she won't get cactus in her feet!

  • She may be unhappy with the color of her shoes – Hello, she asked for PINK!

  • I don't have any pets. But I think that Sarah's dog General has Chronic I'M BORED face..LOL! Millie looks very bitchy in the picture with that sign.. I love that she can shame you with one look! πŸ˜‰

  • I love that her shoes makes her extra sassy! My dogs suffer from "derp" face… but I dig it!

  • Millie just looks like she really doesn't gaf about what she chewed, cause she does what she wants!

  • LOL! I love Millie's resting bitch face! She totally looks like she cannot be bothered with anything. Hugo, on the other hand is a handsome fella! awww.
    Carla @ Love Cartista

  • hahah this is so great!

  • hahaha too funny! My dog doesn't really have the bitch face, but he definitely has the "I don't care what you say, I'll do what I want anyway" face/attitude sometimes. Like when I let him out to do his business before bed, and then when I call him in, he just looks at me and sits in the middle of the yard and doesn't move. Until I make my husband put shoes on and go get him. Dogs are too funny.

  • This is so funny! My dog Bianca is the same way. It is like she thinks it feels so good to be bad. But at the same time she is so precious.

  • Haha I love when dogs have the guilty face!

  • She does seem to have an air of superiority. But she's a cutie….especially in the little booties on her paws!

  • Hilarious! It is like she is frozen that way. Haha! I just read an article last week in the Boston Globe I think. . . it was all about how dogs don't feel shame and when they look that way it is b/c they are copying their owners. It was pretty funny!

  • My cat has resting bitch face (similar?), so I feel ya.

  • i have the WORST case of CBF!
    annnd those dog booties? I am dying of cuteness!

  • I love her spotted nose! πŸ™‚

  • I have a friends who is CBF really badly, you're dog on the other hand … too cute!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Love her bitch face and love her shoes! My dogs won't keep theirs on. Sad face.

  • Yup – me! I don't mean to do it. It's just the way my face is! haha

  • pahahaha Millie! It's just all sass and I love it.

  • Dogs can be such snobs! But she is a cute snob none the less.

  • Haha! First of all does she wear those shoes all the time? My cat gives me a look the moment I start to take a photo!

  • My cat has chronic 'Does not give two shits' face.

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