I have to tell you. It's been months, maybe more, since I sat down to write a post like this. One that reveals my quirks. Like the fact that I have a collection of change. Yes, y'all, change. From various countries.

I love reading the kind of posts that help you get to know the person on the other side of the screen. So, with that in mind, here's a few oddball things about me  and my life lately.

Despite our best efforts and extensive planning, we might not be leaving for Germany when we had planned. Michael's mom's health is just that bad. Sending up prayers that something good happens.

On a completely different note, I redesigned the site. I KNOW. I just moved over to WordPress a month ago but I wanted it to feel more bloggy. So here we are! Thanks to my BFF Guillermo for helping me with my every blogging whim. He is basically the bees knees and then some. It's not totally done so please check back when it's finished!

I've had ice cream four out of five days this week. Not entirely my fault. But honestly when in Texas with this August heat, ice cream is the answer.


I like nuts but HATE them in things. Nuts, plain? Great. Nuts in brownies? Gross.

I have never been to New York. Which is really weird to me. Especially since we're moving abroad. I guess that'll have to wait a couple of years!

I am not afraid of flying but I get TERRIBLE anxiety before getting on the plane. I'm sure packing my life into two suitcases will be a real breeze.

I started an Instagram account for the #sulakids (Hugo and Millie) called @thepassportpups. I just felt it was necessary. Maybe they'll become dog famous. I mean with looks like theirs, they totally should.


We took the dogs to the vet for check-ups before leaving for Germany. Germany has no quarantine rules, which means the dogs would have to be put in kennels for a few weeks. Luckily, we just have to show that they are healthy and have updated vaccines. Then they are ready to be official Germans!

My biggest concern for moving to Germany (besides getting our visas finalized) is that I won't have access to movie theater popcorn. It's one of my favorite foods of all time. I'm also nervous about driving a car with a stick shift.

What am I most looking forward to? That's a tough one. Traveling, of course, immersing myself in some place brand new, and… electronic music. It's an obsession and in much of Europe you hear it at every bar and club. HOUSE MUSIC PLEASE.

Over the past two years I have worn heels (including wedges) less than five times. And most of the times it was required in my role as a bridesmaid. Although these are tempting…(currently dreaming of Fall booties).

I am packing more than 30 lipsticks to move abroad. This is currently my fave brand (awesome colors and lasts all day). More on my packing list next week!

Most of the time I'm not drinking coffee. It's probably Diet Coke. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

If I had to pick ONE beauty item to use for the rest of my life it would be mascara, hands down. This one is the best one.

I think my Australian accent is really top notch. I'll show it to you today on Snapchat (@helenesula) . (Sorry I'm still team Snapchat over Instagram Stories.)

I'm obsessed with making to-do lists and crossing stuff off. These past couple weeks have been so insanely busy and yet it seems I've barely accomplished anything.

My gold pineapple is coming with me to Germany. On a scale of 1 to blogger freak, I think this puts me pretty high on the scale.

I only get my hair highlighted once a year if I can help it. I am SOOOO tender headed. I cry almost every time. Not on purpose, but tears happen. Also, I'm frugal.

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Now, do you have anything you want to tell me about yourself below?