The beaches of Florida will always hold a significant place in my heart.
It's part of my DNA to love the ocean. As a family, my mom insisted we
visit Destin every year. We frequented the exact same wooden cottages
that my mom grew up going to, before the city was built up for tourists. When I was around age 15, we started staying further east in Blue Mountain Beach near Seaside, with its picturesque
pastel houses, and wrap-around porches, and the best shaved ice in the world. 

I always knew I would bring my kids here one day, and this summer I finally did. Michael and I left Thursday night from Dallas and spent the night in Jackson, Mississippi with our dogs, Hugo and Millie. We woke up early and headed to Navarre, Florida where Michael's brother, his wife, and my 6-year-old niece and 3-year-old nephew live. No pictures of their adorableness will be on the blog, I figured their parents might not want them plastered on the Internet quite yet. 

We spent Labor Day weekend soaking up the sun, eating seafood, and crossing off a bucket list item of mine: playing with the pups on the beach. 

 And because I can't help it, here are some picture of my dogs being the cutest things ever. 

 Michael's sunglasses were actually mine, but I think he pulls them off quite nicely. That's what happens when you lose them in the ocean. Also, these are polarized and his were not. So win-win. His are found here, from Firmoo

The view was alright, I guess.

 My red sunglasses are from Firmoo as well.

Too many pictures? Oh, well. I can now call them officially, salty dogs. We had a wonderful time and it was particularly hard to wake up at 4 am this morning to make the drive back to Dallas. I'm going to need about 18 cups of coffee please.

How was your Labor Day?