If home is where the heart is, my home office looked like I needed a checkup. I needed to spruce up my office and create a more productive space where I can be creative. I was shocked that I was able to easily redo my office over just a couple days! I can’t wait to reveal the before and after.   

More and more people are working from home, so I hope my blogger home office makeover will give you some affordable ideas for your own home office.

I’ve been blogging full time now for 5 years, but working from home for the last 7, and I know the importance of having a space where I can get work done and find creativity. I was ready to spruce up my small home office and make it look more professional as well as livable, and I wanted to do it in an affordable way.

Having my home office decorated makes me feel more productive and even more comfortable. I love looking around at my organized space and getting to work. Having a stylish space to be creative is just what I needed. I shopped at Home Goods, Target, Walmart, World Market and Amazon (you might want to see my Amazon master list here!) for nearly every single thing in my office and I loved how it turned out. I would call this a budget makeover since I really tried to find affordable but pretty pieces. 

I’m so excited to reveal my blogger home office makeover with y’all!

It all started with a mirror. A week ago I decided I wanted a large, full-length mirror in my office. I wanted my small home office to feel larger and I thought a mirror would really spruce things up. I searched high and low and felt it should be economical but still a statement piece. I finally found it at Walmart

I carried it through the store, sweating, and once I checked out I found that because of Covid, there was only one entrance open, on the other side of the store. I trudged through, determined to get it to the car. After struggling with it in the car (at this point I really wish I just shopped online) I brought it home.

As soon as I set up the mirror in my office it seemed to reflect what the space looked like: bare and kind of ugly.  We’ve been in this house since we moved back from Germany for almost a year so it was time to finally add some decor. 

Here's a look at the before and after:

I can design a travel itinerary all day long or tell you how to grow your social media, but I’m not usually the best when it comes to interior decorating. 

But, one thing I KNEW I wanted: a cow photo. I absolutely love cows and I know pieces like this are becoming trendy. This was the perfect piece to get the ball rolling on the design. From there, the idea of a layered cowhide rug and hats on the wall just made sense. What was important with all of this was for it to not only look stylish, but for it to be comfortable. Like I could come in here and immediately get to work. 

From there, I started looking at Pinterest to get design ideas. I loved the idea of using my travel photos on the wall. I printed these off at Walgreens and then framed them with black or pale colored frames to go with the room. Since we do a fair bit of travel, I really wanted that to feel like it was part of the room, too. I also hung up photos that had particular meaning to me, such as where we lived in Heidelberg, Germany the past 3 years, my favorite beach in Mallorca, and the Alps covered in snow.

Wood Frames // White Frame // Black Frames (comes in a pack of 9).

I also found a white globe that was perfect for the shelves

Book Shelf // Print // Vase // Pampas Grass Stems // Globe // Frames (I LOVE these charred wood frames I found at Target. They don't lean since they are in a box, really cool!) // Wood Frame with Stand (another Target find on the bottom middle, pictured) // Wicker Basket // Camera // Wicker Trimmer // Candle // Microphone (I use this to record webinars)

Since the office walls are green and white I wanted to keep the look more minimal so most of the things I added were either black, white or a touch of gold. I especially loved this gold lamp

Lamp (similar) // Candle // Desk // Mirror // Shelves // Cow Photo // Hat 1 // Hat 2 // Hat 3 // Pampas Grass // Frames // Plant

I knew I wanted to add some color and I did add a blue rug for a bit of color. I already had this white desk that I liked as well as the bookshelf, but I wanted to rearrange things to be more aesthetic. I’ve placed this desk at nearly every angle of the room, but I think this is the best spot! I can see out both the windows, let in light, and still have ample room in the space while also getting into the closet. 

Desk // Lamp // Wicker Basket // Blanket // Shelves // Rug // Cowhide Rug // Mirror // Pillow // Faux fur white rug (that I used for the chair) // Chair // Ralph Waldo Emerson Print

As a side note, I had this faux fur white rug for a while but I had it on the floor and the dogs got it pretty dirty as you can see. I tried so many different ways to get it white again. But finally using this cleaning product was like a MIRACLE and now it’s white again! 

For a more natural setting I added some plants. I knew I wanted to go with fake plants since we are gone pretty often and I’m pretty helpless when it comes to plants, in that, I kill them. I also added some pampas grass which is inexpensive but makes the room look more classy! I found this golden pothos tree for a great price, and I feel like it looks very real. I also liked this more spikey plant that's perfect for the corner (found at HomeGoods but similar here).

Photo on the left: plant // planter // cow photo // Hat 1 // Hat 2 // Hat 3

Photo on the right: plant // pot with stand // table // Frame // lamp // table plant

All in all, this was a fairly easy home office makeover and I love how it turned out. Even the dogs approve!

Here are some more before and after photos:

I wanted the office to feel different from the rest of the house, a place I could light my fall scented candles and get stuff done. I feel like I accomplished just that. 

Here's absolutely everything in my office linked! Click the item to shop.