We have shirts. We have tumblers. We have phone cases. Heck we even have wine glasses. But how can someone really know you're a blogger? They need to know it the SECOND they come in your house. Now, they can, with the Blogger Pillows!


“Blogger” pillow.Â

These 100% down pillows are hypoallergenic and are great props in blogger photoshoots. Your blogger boyfriend will just love when you introduce these into your bedroom. Did somebody say sexy time?

I did. “Bloggers do it Better” pillow is available exclusively on Helene in Between. So don't even try to steal this. I'll be watching.

Need to spruce up your couch? Don't you worry. These tell the world: I'm tech savvy, I'm cool, and I have a blog.

“I'm Blogging about This” is everything you've been wanting in a pillow.

Want an understated pillow that tells everyone what's up? How about our classic “blogger” pillow? And when I say us I do, of course, mean me.

Pillows come in two crazzzzy colors: white and off white. It will be so hard to choose! So just get them ALL.

But wait, there's more! Get a free a “Blogger” feather duster with the purchase of two pillow cases. All for the low price of $89.99.

Happy April Fools.
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