What did we ever do before Amazon? No other place in the world allows you to buy staples like toilet paper and matches, to the obscure like 1,500 live ladybugs (yes, this really is on Amazon Prime) and you can get it delivered in a day or two.

Amazon is a treasure trove full of wonderment. But it can be a little daunting. What do you really need to buy? Can you truly trust all those reviews? I'm here to bring you my tried and tested Amazon master list. What to actually buy on Amazon. What works, best buys, and items you need, as well as the ones you never knew you needed.

I'm sharing everything I buy on Amazon – with a particular focus on my favorite travel and lifestyle items. Everything on this list, besides the food, can be easily packed up in a carry on and taken on a trip. I'm breaking my Amazon master list down by beauty, food/household, clothing, travel, and dogs/miscellaneous.

I hope these items make your lives a little easier as they have for me. Everything on the list has been used lovingly and many are purchased again and again for me! I'll be sure to keep this list updated as I buy the necessities. I bring you, my ultimate travel blogger must-have Amazon list:


Revlon One Step Hair Dryer – Kicking off with my absolute favorite MUST have: my Revlon one step hair dryer. I usually wear my hair down and with my natural curls. Mostly because it's easy and I've never been able to nail the salon blow outs. Not anymore. Y'all, this is the best invention. I wait until my hair is about 80% dry then use this to dry it and viola! I look like I just stepped out of the Salon with bouncy, full hair.

Gimme Beauty Hair Ties – I am so specific when it comes to what I put in my hair. I've suffered breakage over the years and I also hate the feeling of a weird rubber band on my wrist. Once in Germany I found these magical hair ties that kept my hair back and didn't leave a crease. But they kept unraveling. Then I discovered the Gimme hair ties and I haven't used anything else since!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Chapstick – I've been using this chap stick for 10 years! I'm so excited it's on Amazon because it's hard to find. You can also use this on your dry skin.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil – The best oil ever. I use this all over my body after getting out of the shower. It's actually helping with my scars too! Also 4.5 stars and nearly 3,000 reviews!

Purple Shampoo – A must have for anyone with blonde hair. I've tried more expensive shampoos but this one is the best. I actually was just speaking with a friend and noticed her hair had a slight lavender glow and I asked her how she did it and she said she just left the shampoo on for 20 minutes! But if you want to get rid of brass this works too.

Purple Hair Mask – If you have a lot of brass (like I do!) then this is the best mask to help rid your hair of it. It's extra strength for when you need to get rid of it quickly and easily.

Nail Dip Kit – I hate getting my nails done. It's time consuming and expensive. This kit is literally the cost of going one time and you can do it again and again! It lasts for about 10 days for me!

Cuticle Trimmer – This is so good and comparable to the $20 at Ulta. Goes perfectly with my at-home manicure kit.

Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment – This is what I have used for years whenever I see a zit. It's inexpensive and effective.

Curling Wand – I used to think it was necessary to have an expensive curling iron or wand for pretty curls. Then Michael reminded me that it's a tool that heats up and that's it. This Curling wand from Bed Head is an awesome price and makes beautiful curls.

Supergoop Sunscreen – The best sunscreen I've ever used. I also buy the dry shampoo that has sunscreen in it for your part since that area is so susceptible to burning!

Living Proof Scalp Treatment – Speaking of scalps… mine gets super dry. I was THIS close to going to the dermatologist until I found this treatment from Living Proof. It's not cheap ($32) but it WORKS.

Jade Roller – I didn't know how much I'd need this until I got it. My face tends to be so puffy in the morning and I feel like I haven't started my day without this!


Orville Popcorn Maker – I am a popcorn fanatic. It's safe to say it's my favorite food. One of the first things I bought when we moved to Germany from Amazon Prime was a popcorn maker and the same goes for when we moved back to the USA. This one from Orville Redenbacker is so easy to clean and can even be popped without oil.

Flavacol Movie Theater Popcorn Seasoning – To go along with the above, this is movie theater popcorn at home!

PB2 – I love this lower calorie and fat powdered peanut butter. I like it with an apple as a quick snack. I order this every few months!

Metal Straws – I have to admit I love Diet Coke. But also, more importantly, the environment. I love these metal straws because they have a silicone top and a handy cleaning tool.

Silk Pillowcase – I asked for a silk pillowcase and Michael researched (and if you know anything about him, you know this boy loves to research) and found that these are the best. I've have this one for over 3 years and it holds up so well!

Soap Dispenser and Brush – This one might be a little strange but it is Amazon after all! WE searched far and wide for a good dish scrubber and this one is unique and has such great reviews!

Tervis Tumblers – I'm convinced there's no receptacle on the planet to keep your drinks warm (or cold) better than these. I once left mine in the car, with ice, hours later I came back and there was still ice in the cup!

Roku – I never knew we needed a Roku until we got one. You plug it into your TV then set up your Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc and it easily streams them on your TV.

Heated Blanket – Still one of my favorite gifts I've ever received! Michael got me this as we try to not use the heat in our house (for real). This heated blanket is the best thing ever! It's so warm and cozy and I refuse to work without it.

Soda Stream – I've had this now for about 2 years and I'll never go back to buying soda. I love that I can make flavored fizzy water (just add lemon!), Diet Coke, or my personal fave, Grapefruit juice.


Ragecoat Rain coat – For years I've used a pretty inefficient rain coat. I'll never forget walking in the Azores on a hike and getting completely soaked. Not anymore. This rain coat has nearly 700 4 star reviews. Plus I love the way the hood fits to shield your face from rain and wind.

No Show Socks – These are the best! Comes in a pack of 3-6 and has 718 4.5 star ratings. These are comfy and don't leave you with blisters.

Adidas Superstar Sneakers – Some may say these are the only shoes I wear. Some may be correct. They are comfy and go with everything. I get the white on white, but there are other color options available. Also, these are cheaper than the ones in store.

Colorfulkoala Women's Buttery Soft High Waisted Leggings – We need multiple pairs of leggings. Some for walking around, lounging, working out. These are great for all of the above. My favorites are still the Zella Live in Leggings, but these are also so great and a great price.

Headband – I'm a big fan of headbands. They just take your look up a notch without trying too hard. Amazon has the best options and prices. I love these!

Clips – I was searching for some pretty barrettes and kept seeing outrageous prices. Then I found a pack of 10 for under $10 on Amazon. Bingo.

Women's Felt Hat – can you even call yourself a travel blogger and not have a hat? I think not. This one is a GREAT price and holds up well.

Beaded Drop Earrings – I get compliments on these allllll the time. They have so many pretty colors and I'm a sucker for beaded earrings. I was shocked by the quality!

Sunglasses – It's a struggle to find high quality sunglasses that look cute and are polarized. But I FINALLY found them, here. I also like these!


Osprey Porter Backpack – I've sworn on this for years and years. It's in every packing post I write (see this one on packing everything in a carry on, and this one on packing like a travel blogger). It's price right and it stands the test of time. I've had mine for 3 years.

Camera – This is our camera! In my opinion this is a great camera and the right price. Check out why we purchased this particular model here.

Tripod – I use this on solo trips or Michael uses it for expert star photos.

Phone Tripod – I admit that I often film Tik Tok dance videos in my office. Or just for regular videos when Michael isn't around.

Travel locks – I always recommend that you have travel locks on your valuables and bag. I especially like the ones with a code, not a key for ease!

Compression Socks – A must have for long haul flights! I used to always have swelling around my ankles (especially after injuring one) but wearing compression socks always does the trick and these are especially good.

Wireless Headphones – I've tried so many and these are my favorite! Now I can't even use the wired headphones because the sound quality isn't as good. These are a much smaller price point than the Apple brand and, in my opinion, better.

Passport Holder – I highly recommend having one of these as you travel. It's great for holding passport, tickets, train pass, etc. I never leave the country without this!

Audible – I'll be honest, if it wasn't for Audible I probably wouldn't “read” as much as I do. I love these for plane rides, walks and more!

Packing Cubes – Easily organize all your clothes and makes packing so easy!

Clear Makeup Case – This is my favorite! I hate putting liquids in a plastic bag, this one is the best and TSA approved.

Makeup Bag – I really like the makeup cases that zip all the way around so I can easily lay out my stuff on a hotel sink.

See all my makeup and travel tips here!


Save the Cat Writes a Novel – I'm working on a book and this book is one of the best I've ever read to help me organize my book and plot. I read it in 24 hours! I keep it right by my desk. This will help you with story structure as well as examples of how successful authors write great novels.

3 and 5 Pound weights – I'll admit I like Jillian Michael's 30 day shred quick workouts. These are the perfect weights to use for at home workouts.

Door Mat – We all need them. I like this one especially because if I have a seasonal one, this still goes with it underneath.

Dog Crates – These just do the job.

Pet Car Cover Protector – We take our dogs everywhere and they tend to get dirty. This a great car cover that also blends in with your car. Highly recommend if you have dogs (or messy children!).

Zoom Groom – Our dogs shed A LOT. We love this brush for brushing them and helping to get rid of hair. We've purchased this twice and purchased it for friends.

Dog Food – Michael is very specific when it comes to our dog food. We've been super pleased with this brand.

Hope you liked this list! I would love to know… what's on yours?