Well it's 2019 and I'm back in America and I STILL didn't send out Christmas cards. I thought that for sure, when I moved home from Europe in August, I'd get it together enough to print some cards.

Jokes on me.

A few things happened.

I found the best pastry in Chamonix.

I broke a law in Dubai when I danced in public.

I wore a leg brace on lots of hikes. (I tore my ACL the previous year skiing in Austria.)

We went to a cider mill in the middle of the Cotwolds in England where your first drink was free and the next was 50 cents.

I found the best gelato in Sicily.

I found the prettiest beach on earth.

I cried over flowers.

We hosted a trip in Italy with 18 amazing women + 2 pretty great guys.

We went to a wedding in Santorini.

We took over 10,000 photos.

And that’s before we MOVED TO A DIFFERENT CONTINENT. On a boat. With two suitcases and two dogs.

Moving abroad was so hard. I wish that I could articulate how hard it was, or say that it was as simple as moving to a place you'd never step foot in, you don't know anyone, or the language, and then you're told to leave.

In case you're new, we got denied our visa the first round. So we had to lawyer up. But then we got approved.

But there were so many intricacies along the way. One day I'll write a book about it.

Speaking of books, I'm writing one. And it has nothing to do at all with living abroad. It's a fiction book I've always wanted to write. It makes me so nervous, but it's something I've had on me heart for years.

But back to life. We decided on living 3 years in Germany and that time came up in August. It was hard to leave Heidelberg. We got used to our new way of life: riding bikes everywhere, spending under $50 on plane tickets, going to the market or grocery store at least once a day to make dinner.

And though we were settled into our new life, we wanted to leave on a high note, not feeling resentment towards where we lived.

We wanted back our house, our yard, our family, friends, and Tex Mex.

So we went out in style. We drove from Germany, through France, took a shuttle in England, drove on the left, to head to Cunard's cruise port when we took a 7 day transatlantic ship back to the USA.

Then we drove for a week through America and back to Dallas.

Michael cut off 5 inches of hair.

I got serious about writing this book.

I was home for less than a month then went back to Europe for a week.

We swore we weren't going to travel. Then we just couldn't help ourselves. And although we said we would get our house in order, we still are “borrowing” my parents furniture. Yet I managed to put 2 Christmas trees up.

But as of now, we don't have any travel plans until mid February. And I think we'll keep it that way. We are enjoying being home.

It all feels strangely the same, yet very different. Most of my friends have kids or are taking the next step. Meanwhile, we're working on buying a trailer to travel America.

And so my final thoughts are this: Life happens when you're busy making plans is a lie. MAKE PLANS. Accomplish goals, live out your dreams. It might sound cliche but who cares!

That's what I'm working on for 2020, to make plans for myself: physically, mentally, emotionally, and sticking to them.

I hope you had a wonderful year and I thank you for being part of our journey.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Join me January 3rd for an end of the year recap and review. Link up your posts and share your favorite memories from the past year.

Every year I host an end of the year recap and review. It's a great way to not only share your favorite memories from the year, you also get to see what others are sharing as well as goals and inspiration.

Here are some things that I'll be focusing on: best (and worst!) trips, favorite places I traveled, most memorable moment, best hotel, most fun experience, favorite blog posts, blog and Instagram stats, best photos, 2019 highlights, and music favorites. I'll also be sharing my 2020 goals.

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